The BI Survey 12

- Summary

BI Survey 12 - Summary  

TARGIT ranks top in competitive win rate and overall competitiveness in the OLAP Analysis Peer Group. This indicates that potential users who are in the market for a BI & Analytics solution decide on TARGIT if being presented with the option.

“Our demos are true eye-openers to companies looking for a BI solution that actually lives up to their expectations regarding usability and Return on Investment,” explains TARGIT CSO Flemming Madsen. 

Carsten Bange, leading analyst at BARC, believes that TARGIT is popular with both existing users and potential buyers of the BI solution. “The primary reasons why people buy TARGIT are user-friendliness and functionality. This may explain TARGIT’s high win rate and their competiveness”. 

The survey also shows that TARGIT is a leading vendor in proportion of users (in the OLAP Analysis Peer Group). “The product is deployed widely in organizations who have invested in TARGIT,” adds Melanie Mack co-author of the BI Survey. 

Flemming Madsen also notices how existing TARGIT customers keep investing in the software from the Danish BI & Analytics developer. “Often, companies start by implementing TARGIT in one department. When they experience the benefits of their user-friendly reporting and analysis tool, they expand the solution to the rest of the organization. And according to the survey, we are a leading vendor in project length, which means that our product is easily implemented in a short amount of time.”

Additionally, a clear visual style in the product may explain the popularity. In fact, TARGIT ranks top in visual analysis (in the OLAP Analysis Peer Group). “And being able to read and understand your KPIs in clear graphical objects is one of the most important features in BI products," explains Carsten Bange.

BI Survey 12 win rate

BI Survey 12 competitiveness

BI Survey 12 visual analysis

Today, innovation and agility is also important in any kind of software product. TARGIT is a leader in both categories (in the OLAP Analysis Peer Group). In fact, TARGIT is placed in the top 5 for the following KPIs (when all products in the survey are compared to each other):

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in business benefits achieved (ranked 2)
    This KPI is indicative of the customer benefits that TARGIT provides

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in proportion of employees index (ranked 2)
    This shows how large a percentage of the customer employees that use TARGIT

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in functional scope (ranked 4)
    This shows the quantity of tasks within the scope of BI that TARGIT covers

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in cloud BI (ranked 5)
    The quantity of our customers who utilizes cloud BI 

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in innovation (ranked 5)
    This KPI is an overall term of how high our product scores regarding cloud, collaboration, mobile and visual analysis; that is, to which extend the customers utilize these features in our product. 

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in project length (ranked 4)
    This shows how fast our product implements

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in self service (ranked 3)
    The percentage of activities that our customers work with independantly in TARGIT BI Suite

  • Leading BI Vendor in BARC’s OLAP Analysis Peer Group in agility (ranked 3)
    This KPI is an overall indicative of the duration of implementation as well as how much the customer is able to work with independantly in the product

The basis of the findings in The BI Survey 12
The BI Survey provides a detailed quantitative analysis of business intelligence end-users. In total, 2864 people submitted responses to the survey of which 2155 answered a series of detailed questions about their usage of a named product.

27 products analyzed in The BI Survey 12

All products that attracted over 30 survey responses are analyzed in detail in The BI Survey 12. This year twenty-seven products are included, the most ever. These range from offerings from all the major vendors to a number of tools from independent software companies.

The BI Survey 12 by BARC (Business Application Research Center) is an annual report based on the world's largest vendor-independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management users. For more than ten years, it has been the go-to resource for user organizations, consultants and vendors seeking information on product satisfaction and trends in BI software. It is based on the analysis of the real-world experience of nearly 3,000 respondents.

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