Self-service data discovery

With Data discovery, you don’t need the IT department to discover the secrets of your data. Unlock the power of the data outside your data warehouse with a simple drag and drop. 

From inside and outside your organization

With Xbone, you can close the gap between data inside and outside your organization. Data comes from an increasing amount of different sources, and Xbone enables your business users to easily analyze everything from survey to market data.

Data Discovery

Use all the features of the Decision Suite when analyzing your data  

One platform for all your Analytics needs

Simple Self-Service

With Xbone, you don't need to be a high-tech know-it-all in SQL or ETL to get the most out of your data.  It’s as simple as self-service should be. Drop your dataset to the Xbone folder, and it will be added to the in-memory database in seconds. 

The Discoverer in action

See how a spreadsheet with more than 160,000 lines is analyzed instantly. Create an ad-hoc analysis with your unstructured data sources in just a few seconds with drag and drop Data Discoverer technology inside the TARGIT user interface.

Share, collaborate, act

TARGIT makes it easy to share reports and analyses using Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other document sharing option. Collaborate with users inside and outside of your organization for truly self-service analytics. 

ebook unleash your data

Unleash your Data with
Ad-Hoc Queries

How can you stay on top of the increasing number of data sources in today's fast-paced world? The answer lies in ad-hoc queries.

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