All-In-One Solution
for the Automotive Sector

More insight into and control of your operating results?


Discover our all-in-one solution for automotive dealerships providing your organisation with a complete picture of revenue, evolutions, cost items, and many more in one click.

CalmCo supplies solutions to more than 250 dealer sites.
More than 40% of  new cars sold in Belgium are reported to our customers in our business intelligence (BI) solutions. 
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Why CalmCo?

We know that you struggle to gain a clear overview of your data and find it difficult to compare and analyse across your data sources. Maybe you also question the quality of your data and spend hours building reports manually?

We are far from new to this field. We know your business, we speak your language. We are a reliable partner and guarantee personal, direct, and high-quality service in every interaction.

At CalmCo you opt for a total package that is always up-to-date and grows along with your business. It really can be that simple to stay a step ahead of the competition.

This is CalmCo

Efficient Solution 

Tailored to the needs of your company. Get clearer and faster insight into your company’s results in one glance.

Top Service

Our customers come first! Need a specific report or one specific graphic? We take care of it.


Strong Community

You get the benefits fast. Family is important at CalmCo, and our customers are no exception.

Total Package

We bring figures from all systems and establishments together with one click of a button.

Release the Power


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Localising and Getting to Grips

CalmCo’s solution gives you greater insight into positive and also less promising results. You can then take action straight away.

You localise and get to grips. For example, when you think something is cost-effective and appears to be a cost item. Or that one red figure. The cause becomes transparent and clear.

“The solution has enabled us to increase profitability, and this in turn allows us to invest in the future. Because in business, if you don’t go forward every day, you go backward every day.”

- Thierry Kin

Finance Director of the Jean-Michel Martin Group

“Previously, I have spent on average 3-4 days every month to get all the data into one place.


Now we easily do an export every night, and send the reports with relevant KPIs to the different parts of the business.”

- XX


“With the predefined reports, you can clearly see CalmCo's good understanding of automotive dealerships.”

- xx


    Don't Take Our Word for It.
    Learn Why Our Customers Love CalmCo.

    The Jean-Michel Martin Group
    The Jean-Michel Martin Group was searching for a way to clearly identify the reasons for the decline in the gross profit margin. Now they know thanks to CalmCo's solution.
    Garage Louyet
    Didi Motors

    Top Drawer Technology

    We know your sector through and through. This means our solution is fully tailored to your business.

    The CalmCo team is technologically strong and always up-to-date on the latest developments. Regular updates and a personal service offer you an extremely stable solution.

    Dashboards for Everyone

    Improve the Management of Your Daily Operations

    Get Complete Visibility Across Your Dealership