What are Decision Support Systems?

Decision Support Systems - DSS - are a specific class of computer-based information systems that support your decision-making activities. It can analyze business data and provide interactive information support to managers and business professionals during the decision-making process, from problem recognition to implementing your decision. Today, the most common synonym is Business Intelligence.

The technology behind

Decision Support Systems or Business Intelligence use (1) Analytical models, (2) specialized databases, (3) a decision maker’s own insights and judgments, and (4) an interactive, computer-based modeling process to support semi-structured business decisions.

Business Intelligence provides you with rich reporting, monitoring, and data analysis, which are necessary for effective and fast decision-making.

All data sources gathered in one system

With the right Business Intelligence tool, you can consolidate your ERP and CRM systems and add data from anywhere: marketing, R&D, finance, and more. TARGIT Business Intelligence and Analytics offers prebuilt cubes that are designed for a wide range of industries and technological platforms,which makes it easy to get up and running with BI in no time.

Great features support your decisions


Get insight with analytics and fully customizable analyses and transform your data into action to make more informed, fact-based decisions.


Create stunning reports with the user-friendly solution that enables you to easily create the reports yourself, without any help from your IT department.


Observe your organization’s overall health with dashboards, which give you instant insight into your KPIs. 

Support Business Decision Making

Why you need a Decision Support System

The entire decision-making process, from problem recognition to action, has become so accelerated it is simply impossible to rely on human response alone. That's why you need Business Intelligence to help you react and adapt to the constantly changing business environment.

What you need to succeed

Therefore, to succeed in business today, your company needs information systems that can support the diverse information and decision-making needs of you and your company and support you in making snap decisions. Business Intelligence helps you assess and resolve everyday business questions by compiling useful information from a combination of raw data, documents, personal knowledge, or business models.

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Gain competitive advantage

In today’s competitive business environment, what you need for maximum performance is to achieve competitive advantage. Without competitive advantage, your company will not be able to operate and will eventually cease to exist.

The simplest and most tangible benefit is the ability to help you toward making better decisions. Your decisions are better in the sense that, once they are implemented, they can reduce costs, use assets more efficiently, increase revenue, reduce risks and improve customer service.

Even more benefits

  • Speed up the process of decision making
  • Increase organizational control
  • Speed up problem solving in an organization
  • Help automate managerial processes
  • Improve personal efficiency
  • Eliminate value chain activities

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