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“Our new TARGIT solution provides us with live reporting functions that are very visual. All the relevant employees can access the figures via TARGIT NET and report mails are sent to staff automatically. Our controller no longer has to spend time preparing the reports, freeing him up for other important tasks. If you look at all the TARGIT tools we use, we have saved the equivalent of a full time position,” says Schneider Electric IT Manager Flemming Jensen.

He elaborates: “Before we got our new system, our controller had to process our back order, delivery quality and key quality performance indicators manually. This was both an expensive and unproductive way of working, and it left us very dependent on that one member of staff. If the individual in question was off sick or on holiday, we had difficulty in accessing the information we needed. Furthermore, reports were stored on our network and staff for which the data was intended had to actively retrieve it; it was not sent to them. This meant that the reports were not used as actively as they could have been.”

One of the other advantages that really impressed Flemming Jensen about the BI solution is that it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. ”I was actually quite surprised by how easy the system was to use. In fact, it was so easy that we have not had to arrange any sort of tuition for our users. That alone has saved us a lot of money. We have also found that maintenance costs are pretty much non-existent. If we want to generate a new type of report or some other form of data we can make the necessary changes ourselves in one place, and then re-run it. It is definitely a very intuitive tool which is designed to be simple to use. When I compare it to the other solutions we looked at it is also very good value for money. We have got a solution that fully meets all our requirements and at a price that’s way below what competing systems cost. Even the implementation process was painless.”  

Better overview and shorter management meetings
Schneider ISC Industry’s new TARGIT solution provides a much better overview of the company’s KPIs and has meant that management meetings now take much less time. This is, amongst other things, a direct result of the intelligent agents built into the solution package which ensure that the company can react quickly if the KPIs change.

”We hold management meetings on a weekly basis in which we review our main KPIs. Our new system has made it much easier for us to gain an overview of our targets as our KPIs now come color-coded. We only need to look for the red KPIs and can quickly get to the substance of the data we need and find out where the problems are greatest. This has meant that we can reduce meeting times from one and a half hour to half an hour. It has also made it much easier for our production managers to manage back orders and deliveries generally. Plus, it is an enormous advantage that reports are now available to all who need them and can be distributed by e-mail or accessed over the Internet. We have got ourselves a really excellent solution that is easy to use and easy to implement – all at a very competitive price,” explains Flemming Jensen.

Automating data extraction
When Schneider Electric ISC-Industry, who manufactures products for Lauritz Knudsen amongst others, was faced with organizational change they quickly realized that they needed to automate some of their business processes. They produce enormous quantities of data on a daily basis from across its manufacturing and delivery divisions. It is, of course, of crucial importance that staff and managers can access this business critical information as quickly and easily as possible. Previously, the company extracted data manually from their existing ERP system and they used Excel sheets for reporting purposes. Their new TARGIT solution soon put paid to that, for instance by saving the company a full-time position.

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Schneider Electric

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