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“With TARGIT, we can analyze data on the basis of a common and realistic vision, which reflects on the results of Zacarias cohesively,” says Kleber Raveneda, Controller at Zacarias, and continues: “we also had immediate return on investment even from the first analysis done in TARGIT BI Suite.” Since Zacarias was able to identify improvement in the very first analysis, Zacarias quickly realized that TARGIT BI Suite gave them the opportunity to act faster than ever.

Zacarias also benefits from the user-friendliness of TARGIT. Thanks to the ease of use and the training that TARGIT offers, everyone in the company can contribute to the development of Zacarias. “Direct involvement of the IT Department is not necessary anymore. We can easily make changes and expand the BI template that was initially built because TARGIT is so easy to use,” says Kleber Raveneda.

After seeing a demonstration of TARGIT and receiving a custom-made proposal from TARGIT, it was obvious that TARGIT could fulfill the needs of Zacarias. “TARGIT has a user-friendly interface, is easy to understand, and can be used by everyone in the company. It is flexible and has a cost benefit superior to the other solutions researched in the market,” says Kleber Raveneda.

Before implementing TARGIT, each dealership tended to work towards different visions of the company as each manager picked data from multiple data sources and organized their dealership thereafter. However, with TARGIT, it is now possible for Zacarias to share the same goals in all the dealerships.

TARGIT warns against potential threats
It was back in 2010 that Zacarias started looking for a new BI-solution. “We needed a tool that could facilitate the integration of multiple data sources, providing easy access to the monitoring of information and analyses to facilitate the decision-making process,” Kleber Raveneda explains. The system that Zacarias had been using up until they implemented TARGIT did not meet the analytical needs of the company and it could not be integrated with other systems.

Once it was determined that TARGIT lived up to the company’s expectations, all technical aspects were defined, enabling Zacarias to start the implementation.

Regarding the use of TARGIT in the future, Kleber Raveneda is planning to expand the use of the tool to most areas of the company. “I intend to use TARGIT in several business areas as soon as it enables us to monitor the whole company and alert us of potential threats and opportunities. This allows us to react to problems before they spread, as well as work on unexplored opportunities. Using the notifications functionality, we are able to monitor in a new and more effective way, keeping critical scenarios under control,” ends Kleber Raveneda.


BI Trends

BI Trends

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Zacarias started operations in Maringá on June 7th 1951 as "Anonymous Automobile Corporation of Maringá". In 1975 the name was changed to Zacarias Veículos and the company has its current headquarters at Tuiuti Avenue, 445 in Maringá, Parana, Brazil. With new and modern facilities, the company has an area of 30,000 m² available to their customers. Today there are a total of 14 dealerships across the state of Parana.

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