Freedom to act

Ιουλίου 04, 2013

July 4th in the U.S. is all about freedom. Freedom from the British, freedom to shoot fireworks, freedom to eat hot dogs and go swimming. It’s a day on which everybody celebrates the fact that the country has been around for more than two hundred years.

Many of us at TARGIT are new to the Independence Day thing, but we wanted to get involved. So we chose July 4th as the release date for our Decision Suite 2013. We know that nobody’s working (at least in the U.S.) that day, but it’s one way we can help celebrate freedom. We’re showing off how Decision Suite is about the freedom to act.

I could write at length about all of the new features in Decision Suite 2013, from the new visualizations to the Intelligent Wizard to the in-memory Xbone analytics. But we’ve got a guide that explains all that, so I’ll just point out that TARGIT makes it incredibly easy for non-technical people to learn everything there is to know about the data in their organization. You don’t need to be a programmer to use TARGIT to figure out what all of the data means. And that gives users the freedom to act.

We talk about needing the “courage to act”. It’s our new slogan, in fact. But it’s not just courage you need, it’s freedom. Having all of the information you could possibly need frees you from wondering, “am I doing the right thing” when you make a decision. And TARGIT frees you from needing the IT department to be involved when you want to run an analysis, which makes it that much easier to get that information.

So from the TARGIT family to yours, have a happy Fourth of July. Everything you need to know about the new Decision Suite will be right here for you when you get back.

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Peter Ørum

Product Manager
I have been with TARGIT since 2006. I'm an expert in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics, and my resume includes the project of implementing Business Intelligence at Tommy Hilfiger. I currently reside in Tampa, Fla., but am originally from Denmark. I blog about my specialties at TARGIT, including Business Intelligence functionality.
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