How to Guarantee Better BI Adoption Rates at Your Company

Δεκεμβρίου 05, 2014

There's a secret weapon that can make your business intelligence solution more popular than your mother's fruitcake on Christmas Eve. 

Ok maybe that wasn't the best example. But stay with me. What would your company look like if everyone gained value from your BI investment? Yes, everyone. 

Building your corporate data warehouse is one thing. Turning that data into meaningful dashboards and reports that everyone can use is a whole additional challenge. Even if you excel in these disciplines, there's no return on investment if the people within your organization aren't using it. That's where embedded business intelligence comes in.

Different types of decision making

The reasons for investing in a BI platform are plentiful. Some companies are looking to solve basic reporting needs of their financial data. Others want the complete overview of their business so top management can make the right strategic decisions for the company. Still others need to solve more operational challenges by giving people from sales, logistics, or any other department detailed insight into the data that can help them make better decisions.

Most of the decisions that take place in an organization each day occur on the operational level. Each of these might not have as much effect on the business as the big strategic decisions coming down from the C-level, but what they might lack in immediate impact, they make up for in numbers.

Imagine if every decision your purchasing department made was not as good as it could be because they were missing a critical piece of information. You could end up with too many goods stuck in inventory, or perhaps the wrong items purchased or at too high a price.

Or what if your sales staff doesn't have all information about customers available in the CRM system so they fail to offer them all the products they might need? There are hundreds of ways everyday that dollars could be slipping through the cracks because of a lack of insight. How much could each of those decisions affect your business?

But even though you've developed that analysis that everyone agrees they need in order to cut costs, up their win rate, or to make them more productive, getting employees to use it can still be a challenge. So how do you solve this issue?


Embedded BI

It doesn't matter if you're working with procurement or sales, or if your primary IT platform to carry out your work is your CRM or ERP platform -- adding another platform for people to access information creates a more complex process. And as everyone knows, the more complicated a process becomes, the less likely it is to be executed.

Complicating in an attempt at simplifying is something we see all the time in business. It might very well be the step people fail to do when the customer is on the phone, or when they have limited time to submit your order before the deadline passes. Then where is the ROI in the business intelligence project you've already invested in?

The solution is not to change the sales or ordering process, it's to provide access to the right information where people are working. Embedding an analysis on the product card in your ERP system or on the customer card in your CRM system is an easy way to make sure you don't interrupt people's work. And who wouldn't take advantage of a tool that enables them to perform their job better -- especially when they don't have to take any extra steps to get access? 

Let's get to it

Predicting the rise of the need of embedded BI in your other applications and portals for quite some time, embedded BI has been long been possible with TARGIT through the Integration Kit. But with the latest release of TARGIT, there is now out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics AX, and CRM. The TARGIT Anywhere client also makes it possible to integrate it into almost any application that supports the display of web content, like the machines on the shop floor or internet-enabled televisions in the office. 

While integrating, you can choose between displaying the whole TARGIT client and displaying a select analysis or dashboard in a given place. You can even make that same view context aware, so it only shows data relevant to that product or account.

It's easy to get started with embedded business intelligence. If you're already on the latest version of TARGIT, you should be up and running in hours, and new customers will have this available out of the box. 

Of course we use this functionality here at TARGIT every day. We've embedded TARGIT in our CRM system to provide our account managers with insight into different partners' pipelines so they always have all information available when they have the partner on the phone. It's easy, and they always have it available as long as they have access to the CRM system. 

There are endless possibilities to support the people of your organization in their work if you take advantage of embedded BI. When everyone is using business intelligence, the entire company benefits. Smarter decision making is just the beginning.

Soren Block Olsen

Søren Block Olsen

Marketing Operations Manager
In today’s world, everything we do leaves a data trail, whether we like it or not.  Designing processes and systems to collect and turn that data into useful information that supports our business is what I do every day. I thrive on being where IT meets business, surrounded by people who are curious about the world and embrace changes because they simply do..
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