Unleash the Power of Instant Insight with TARGIT’s Updated Mobile BI Client

Απριλίου 28, 2015

Introducing six new advanced features to the rich mobile business intelligence client.
When Marty Cooper invented the mobile phone over 40 years ago, I’m willing to bet even he could barely comprehend the way his development was going to change not only personal lives, but everyday business. As technology continues to evolve, new tools are making it possible to complete an increasingly comprehensive amount of work on smartphones and tablets. Something that companies are finding hard to live without? Mobile business intelligence.

At TARGIT, we’ve been on to the mobile business intelligence trend for quite some time. That’s why TARGIT mobile BI clients give Android, iOs, and Windows mobile users access to the latest data anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

TARGIT users all over the world are taking advantage of the new and constantly evolving mobile BI capabilities, and stories of how the power of mobility is helping change the way they do business have been flooding into the TARGIT offices.

Recently, we’ve been seeing an increasing amount of Decision Suite users accessing business intelligence and analytics solely on mobile BI clients. Some don’t even bother to crack open their PCs during a regular work day. They want a mobile BI client with the same power as a desktop business intelligence solution.

With these success stories and requests for even more mobile power coming in, we got to work right away in continuing to improve our mobile offerings based on what our users have been telling us.

Here’s what’s in store for our newest iOs solution:

1. New start analysis

Just like the Windows client version of TARGIT Decision Suite, mobile users will now be presented with a given start analysis if enabled. Users or administrators can select a specific analysis to open automatically when the mobile client opens. No more clicking through the documents folder to find the analysis you need to get started, it’s there for users instantly. This is your data in less clicks.

2. Add/remove files from Mobility and Favorites folders

Now mobile business intelligence users have the same possibilities for organizing their documents as they would on the desktop client, directly on their mobile device. With many TARGIT users using the mobile business intelligence exclusively, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to not only access the files you need, but organize them in a way that is most convenient. 

3. Expand/collapse hierarchies

Newly mobile expandable and collapsible hierarchies give users the ability to get more or less detailed in their analyses. Say, for example, you’re on way your way into a sales meeting armed with an analysis on your iPad that shows a bar chart folded out to months, but you want to portray an overall picture of the last three years. Now you can collapse the time dimension to “year” to give you the view you’re looking for, using the same analysis as you use for detailed view at the office.

4. Multi-select features

Just like the popular Windows client feature, it’s now possible to select multiple members within an object for a more detailed view in TARGIT mobile BI. The updated multi-select feature is a direct result of feedback from TARGIT users who love the power of multi-select on the desktop and want the same multi-select capabilities for mobile BI.

Let’s say you’re a retailer who sells multiple brands of jeans. You have an existing analysis with a summary of revenue from each brand displayed in a bar chart. But you want to highlight your top three specific brands to see how they perform compared to the overall revenue. Just select the brands you want and you’re good to go. Multi-select is a shortcut to the information you need for decision-making.

5. New draw and write tool

It’s always been possible to share an analysis with the TARGIT mobile BI client, but this new tool makes sharing what you’ve found easier than ever. Now you can draw and write directly in a TARGIT analysis on mobile BI, then send it via text or email. So if you find something interesting inside an analysis, you can circle the number with the draw tool and add a note describing the data in text right next to it.

6. Voice memo

When writing a note directly in an analysis on your smartphone or tablet just isn’t enough, you can now record a voice message on your phone that sends as an attachment to the analysis when shared via email.

While the average attention span is a startlingly eight seconds, the average attention span on a mobile device is even shorter. If you want your point to get across, you have to make sure it’s understandable in an instant. With voice memo, there’s no doubt. 

Business intelligence is designed to help you act quickly. With the new and evolving mobile BI tools, we’re helping you cycle through the OODA Loop faster than ever, getting to the action phase with the data you need for confident decision making.

Head to iTunesGoogle Play, or the Windows Phone store now to download the latest mobile capabilities for your smartphone or tablet. 


Morten Attermann Holst

Head of Self-Service Analytics & Mobility
I have the pleasure of driving the TARGIT mobile department to a state where we are at the front of our game. I've watched our TARGIT mobile client go from a "nice to have feature" and an add-on to the TARGIT Decision Suite, to a complete BI client providing business value to our customers. Getting to this point has demanded hard work, user involvement, and a lot of i..
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