TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 Sneak Peek: Consolidated Data Discovery

Ιουνίου 11, 2015

Get a sneak peek at the new consolidated data discovery options. 
Yes, I meant it when I said the new version of Decision Suite 2015 will take TARGIT users to new levels of insight and decision-making prowess. In addition to Decision Suite 2015’s new look and feel, enhanced usability, full data governance, improved enterprise features, and updated mobility capabilities, we’re introducing completely integrated data discovery.

That means for the first time ever, you can perform all of your data discovery within TARGIT. No more switching between external TARGIT applications, such as TARGIT Xbone or TARGIT Data Service. Everything you need to perform ad-hoc, data mashups, and big data exploration is now available in the traditional TARGIT platform you already know and love. Fewer clicks, more time saved, faster decision making.

Take a look at how you can currently mash up external data with your internal data with TARGIT Data Service in the below video. Just wait until you see it in TARGIT's sleek new design. With Decision Suite 2015, you get all of this data discovery power built directly into your TARGIT interface.

I’ll be sharing the rest of Decision Suite 2015’s new features here on the blog as we get closer to launch date.

You can also sign up for the full software tour in the TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 launch webinar on June 30. Two time options are available at 13:00 CEST and 12 p.m. EDT.

Peter Ørum

Product Manager
I have been with TARGIT since 2006. I'm an expert in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics, and my resume includes the project of implementing Business Intelligence at Tommy Hilfiger. I currently reside in Tampa, Fla., but am originally from Denmark. I blog about my specialties at TARGIT, including Business Intelligence functionality.
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