TARGIT releases faster, more responsive Android BI client for TARGIT Decision Suite

Αυγούστου 30, 2015

Introducing four new features for an upgraded Android experience with more native feel.

Users of TARGIT for Android are feeling the speed in the newest version of the popular mobile app. With an increasing amount of business intelligence being consumed on mobile devices, TARGIT is constantly considering ways to improve the mobile experience. After releasing an updated iOs client last spring to rave reviews, TARGIT developers set about bringing the Android version up to speed with a more native feel for users. 

Here’s what’s in the latest mobile BI release for Android:

1. New start analysis

In the newest TARGIT for Android version, users enjoy the same convenience of instant access to information as they do on their Windows desktop version with their favorite document loaded automatically at startup. Individual users or administrators can select a specific document to open instantly when the mobile client logs in. Users’ most commonly used or favorite analysis is available instantly upon start up, with no need to click through the documents folder to find what they’re looking for. This is the speed mobile was made for.

Android mobile BI screen 

2. Add/remove files from Mobility and Favorites folders

Organize documents in the Mobility and Favorites folders on the go with the same capability as found on the desktop client. With an increasing number of TARGIT users consuming and using BI exclusively on mobile devices, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to not only access the files you need, but organize them in a way that is most convenient.

Android mobile BI

3. Expand/collapse hierarchies

TARGIT for Android offers newly expandable and collapsible hierarchies that give users the ability to get more or less detailed in their analyses. This feature is incredibly helpful for employees on the go who need to be able to make decisions on the fly. Say, for example, you’re on way your way into a sales meeting armed with an analysis on your iPad that shows a bar chart folded out to months, but you want to portray an overall picture of the last three years. Now you can collapse the time dimension to “year” to give you the view you’re looking for a more comprehensive view.

4. Multi-select features

One of the most popular features in the TARGIT Decision Suite desktop client is the ability to select multiple members within an object for a more detailed view. The updated multi-select feature is a direct result of feedback from TARGIT users who love the power of multi-select on the desktop and want the same capabilities on the go. We brought that feature to the iOs mobile client earlier this year and now it’s available for Android users as well.

Let’s say you’re a grocer who sells multiple of brands of pasta and would like to compare the profitability of multiple brands. You have an existing analysis with a summary of revenue from each brand displayed in a bar chart. But you want to drill down into two specific brands to see how they compare. Just select the brands you want and you’re good to go. Multi-select is a shortcut to the information you need for decision-making.

Android mobile BI

Mobile business intelligence in the real world

How are some of TARGIT’s customers using mobile BI to make better decisions on the go?

Plano Molding has been supplying outdoor enthusiasts with equipment protection and storage solutions since 1952. They are the market-leading makers of tackle boxes, stowaways, gun cases, and plastic molded products. 

With TARGIT Decision Suite’s mobile BI client, sales members can pull up dashboards, reports, and analyses while on the road and visiting customers. Most often, Plano employees use this for what they call Mix Match analyses. Using TARGIT’s “What If” functionality, Plano sales members can instantly pull up a contribution analysis while on site with customers.

“Say a sales person is out at [a store that carries our products] and [that store] says they want us to cut prices by such and such,” explains Mel Heckman, Director of Business Intelligence at Plano Molding. “In TARGIT, we can go into an analysis, lower the price, and instantly see what that would do to the bottom line in the future. That allows us to negotiate by saying, ‘okay we’ll lower this price, but you have to put this additional product of ours on your shelves.’ We would never be able to negotiate on the fly like this without TARGIT. How cool is that? There is no other tool that can help a sales person do a contribution analysis remotely on the fly in their phones sitting right in front of a customer like that.”

Read about what else Plano Molding is doing with TARGIT Decision Suite in the full case study.

And head to the TARGIT app store or Google Play today to download the newest version of TARGIT Decision Suite for Android.


Morten Attermann Holst

Head of Self-Service Analytics & Mobility
I have the pleasure of driving the TARGIT mobile department to a state where we are at the front of our game. I've watched our TARGIT mobile client go from a "nice to have feature" and an add-on to the TARGIT Decision Suite, to a complete BI client providing business value to our customers. Getting to this point has demanded hard work, user involvement, and a lot of i..
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