The 5 best ways to get the most out of your free BI trial

Νοεμβρίου 18, 2015

Maximize the value of your trial with these 5 key actions to see what a difference the right BI and analytics solution will make.

So you’ve just downloaded your free trial version of TARGIT Decision Suite and your manual for getting started. Have you watched a demo webinar? That’s awesome. But it’s also a little bit like waking up from a 10-year coma and being given your first iPhone, a user guide, and a pat on the back. Where would you even begin? With so many routine-altering features and functions, how do you make sure you’re testing the tools that will quickly and easily show you how your daily business activities would change with TARGIT in your tool box?

That’s why I thought I’d give you a list of what I think are the top five best features to get started. In fact, there’s so much that can be done with a TARGIT Decision Suite trial that it was hard for me to whittle this list down to just five.

1) Create a dashboard

TARGIT Decision Suite’s dashboards make it possible to align your entire company around the same goal. TARGIT’s dashboard software was designed for every operational purpose -- from real time operational dashboards, to the dashboards that monitor your long-term strategic initiatives. Experiment a little and combine data from any of your different internal or external data sources to get a new overview. It only takes a few minutes to create a dashboard with multiple objects. And TARGIT Decision Suite comes standard with a variety of object options to customize your dashboards, such as a bar graph, bullet graph, various gauges, and a donut chart. 

This short video shows an example of how you can quickly create a sales dashboard that gives a broad overview of business data on a high level.

2) Play with the Intelligent Wizard tool

TARGIT is all about empowering the everyday business users with data. One of the ways we’ve made it possible for users to take advantage of self-service analytics and data visualization is the Intelligent Wizard’s search tool. Picture a Google search box. You can type what you want to see in natural language in the “Show me …” box and the system with pull up dashboards and analysis in seconds. Or just type in a keyword and all the existing dashboards related to that keyword will appear.

You’re on your way to decision-making faster than ever. This eBook explains how making your way through that cycle of decisions faster elevates your company to a whole new ball game.

And this short video shows you how fast and easy it is create a brand new analysis just by typing what you’d like to see.

3) Schedule reports and analyses

Alarm clocks, coffee makers, bill pay. Sometimes life is just easier when you can “set it and forget it.” The same applies to reports and analyses in TARGIT Decision Suite. Get a feel for the scheduling tool to see how simple it is to share reports with users across the organization on a regular schedule or when triggered by events. You can mass-distribute a single report or analyses and even ensure different users inside and outside of your company only see the information that is relevant for them thanks to TARGIT’s built-in security and batching options.

This is an incredibly important function when there are so often different roles and user types who need access to the same data in different ways. Learn more about why it’s critical to design BI to different users, which also guarantees a higher user adoption rate.

Batch scheduling, as seen in this short video, can be in any delivery format to unlimited recipients with just one tool.

4) Set up notifications and alerts

On the same “set it and forget it” tool shelf in TARGIT are the notifications and alerts. You don’t need to search through numbers every day to make sure the company is on goal. TARGIT pulls in the most up-to-date information—by the minute, if that’s what you need—from inside and outside the organization and alerts you automatically if a number falls outside parameters that you pre-set. Set up alerts in your trial and see what happens when data changes with notifications sent directly to your email, desktop, and TARGIT client.

Read more about other advanced analytics tools that help you respond proactively instead of reactively to business challenges.

5) Take TARGIT mobile

Download the TARGIT mobility client for Windows, Android, or iOs and see how TARGIT Decision Suite feels on the go. With an increasing amount of business intelligence being consumed on mobile devices, TARGIT developers are constantly considering ways to improve the mobile experience by making it faster, more native, and more powerful. You can work with much of the same real-time access, editing, and sharing capabilities on your mobile device as you can from your desktop. 

This below video shows why mobile BI is one of the easiest ways to increase user adoption at your company. See what we mean by “insight everywhere.”

Ready to take it for a spin yourself? Download your free trial if you haven't already or watch this demo for even more great ideas.

Adam Thomas

Partner/Customer Success Manager
"TARGIT doesn't stop at features and functions. I make sure you're getting the most of your solution every step of the way on your BI journey." I work passionately to ensure that our solutions and products will democratize data and insights and make it available to the greatest number of users throughout the entire organization. It's my great pleasure to work closely ..
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