TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Feature Peek: New Chart Dialog

Οκτωβρίου 05, 2016

I’m pretty excited about a lot of the feature updates to TARGIT Decision Suite 2017. You can check them all out here on the landing page. One of my favorites, though, is the complete re-vamp of charts. We’re making it easier than ever to tell the complete story of your data in the styles you like best.

TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 not only comes with a new library of charts—such as the new waterfall, funnel, step, spline, and area map charts—but with a change in how users configure those charts. For new users, the intuitive new approach is easier to learn than options in previous versions of TARGIT Decision Suite. Long-time users of TARGIT will likely take a few days to adjust their muscle memory, but to make the transition easier, we have a number of blog posts on the way to walk you through the new chart dialog step by step.

With a few exceptions, we have now moved every setting related to charts into a single dialog that is accessible from the SmartPad. Chart settings have been added in the right click menu. For me personally, this has reduced the use of the SmartPad significantly, as it’s a much faster and more intuitive way of access the settings.

Chart Dialog

You now can preview how settings effect your visualizations while you configure them, without having to first save your changes. So if a particular setting changes your visualization in a way that you hadn’t intended, you can easily switch to a different setting without losing the previous version. This is a significant difference from earlier versions of TARGIT’s chart dialog and a frequently requested improvement. 

Dialog Titles

In older versions of TARGIT, Information Designers were forced to use the default font size and formatting for chart titles or add a layout object if they needed bigger titles for storyboards or dashboards, with few objects. There is now a custom title field inside the dialog, with three sub menus for the title property:
  • Translations: Allows designers to set up the title in different languages
  • Alignment: Align the title left, center, or right. 
  • Font: Set font type, size, and coloring.


Chart Properties

Just below the chart title, you will see a number of settings related to that chart. TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 automatically inserts default settings related to the data displayed, but often further customization is needed to strengthen the dashboard.
  • 3D: This is disabled by default. I strongly recommend leaving it that way.
  • Gradient: This is also disabled by default. I also strongly recommend leaving it that way and reserving the use of gradient to color agents.
  • Comparison line: This is a new feature to Decision Suite 2017 that makes it easier to see how measures within a chart compare.
  • Column width: This changes the width of the column (for line, spline, and step line visualizations, this is moved to series properties as we added additional formatting options for that type of visualization)
  • Column stacking: Here you can choose if your chart should be stacked, side by side, etc.


Series properties

Perhaps the biggest change to the chart dialog in the new TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 comes with the multi series charts. In the past, users were forced into a range of different dialogs. Today, everything can be configured from inside the series properties screen. Depending on the chart type and the data behind it, you’ll see some of the following options:
  • Series dropdown: Select what series the below settings should effect.
  • Axis: Select if the measure value should be related to left or right measure axis.
  • Visualization: Change from the default visualization type to other related types (column, line, spline, area, and step line are all in the same family). 
  • Line: Set the line width and change between solid, dashed, or dotted lines.
  • Marker: Change between different marker types.
  • Marker Size: Change the size of the marker.


In the next couple of weeks, we’ll publish additional blog posts giving you all the details on some of the biggest updates to features and functions.

For a full run down of everything that’s new in TARGIT Decision Suite right now, don't forget to check out the updated product page and, even better, register for the official launch webinar on Thursday, Oct. 27.

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