TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Feature Peek: Triggers and Drills

Οκτωβρίου 18, 2016

Triggers have long been a valued TARGIT Decision Suite feature by many users. The trigger tool enables users with no technical knowledge to build a TARGIT portal with seamlessly interlinked analyses and reports. We’ve given this important feature a power boost in Decision Suite 2017.

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In previous versions of TARGIT Decision Suite, it was an option to transfer current criteria as a filter when creating links. This on/off setting has been refined quite a bit with the current update.

More power in your hands

Now, users can decide exactly which filters to include and which to exclude in a trigger. The below image shows the new dialogue that lets users choose which dimension filters to transfer (in this case only Salesperson):


Maybe you have a dashboard like the one shown below giving an overview of growth percentages by different dimensions. Like any TARGIT dashboard, you can drill down by clicking bars (or lines) to learn more about Salespeople, Markets, Products, and more.

In the top right corner there is a looking glass (or for you Americans, a magnifying glass). This looking glass holds a trigger that takes you to a view displaying more details. One click is all you need for the data beneath the figures.

This trigger will transfer all the applied criteria at the time you click the looking glass. This would be a typical setup in a TARGIT portal:


Now this can be refined quite a bit. Maybe in some cases you only want to apply one dimension as a filter when using a trigger.

In the next screenshot below, you see the same analysis but this time there is a looking glass for each bar chart. These looking glasses represent three different triggers. The one next to the Salesperson transfers “Salesperson” as a filter. The Market and Product looking glasses transfers respectively “Markets” and “Products” in the same fashion.

So now you might learn something interesting about sales person Justen Cartwright when you drill down on his name, and then drill further into Markets and Products. Need even more details? The looking glass in the top right corner will then transfer all your filters, while the looking glass next to Justen Cartwright only transfers “Salesperson” as a filter.


That’s a lot of looking glasses for one dashboard, you might say. Fortunately, we thought of that and introduced one more improvement to the triggers functionality within TARGIT Decision Suite 2017.

Triggers and drilling on the same object

You can have triggers on data objects (like bars) and still drill if you hold down the CTRL key when clicking.

Those extra looking glasses can be removed and instead triggers can be applied directly to the bar charts with the same setup (only transferring the value of the bar chart in question). Now you can learn more details about Justen Cartwright by holding down the CTRL key while clicking. You could also open a different dashboard with Justen Cartwright as your filter by just clicking the bar. The best of both worlds so to speak.

But wait, there’s more.

Access previous documents with a trigger

Let’s say you’ve created a useful TARGIT portal that takes you from high level KPIs down into an increasing amount of details. At the bottom of such a portal you might be looking at invoices.

It could look like this: Dashboard A, B, and C will use a trigger to go to the invoices.

When creating a trigger from the invoices, you might want to go back to the previous analysis (whatever that may be).


That new option looks like this:


(Note: you can even go back to the drill state that Dashboard A, B, or C was in when the trigger was released.)

Yes, there’s even more.

Set up a trigger from a report

When you open up a report in TARGIT Decision Suite 2017, you can set up a trigger that takes you to an analysis of your choice. That means that a report can be integrated in a TARGIT portal as well and you can always find your way back after opening a report.

In short: You are guaranteed to be “trigger-happy” with these trigger improvements!

Decision Suite 2017

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