TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 is Here

Μαρτίου 15, 2018

Welcome to the hotly awaited release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2018. Offering a range of new features and functions, the latest version of our market-leading BI is better than ever. Read on for details or download the free trial now.

Look, feel & performance

The new release amps up the overall look, feel and performance in both the Windows and Anywhere clients. Here are the new features and improvements at a glance.

New Anywhere JavaScript Charts

  • Nearly 100% conversion to JavaScript charts, including new layout and KPI objects
  • Smoother interaction with charts, especially when scaling and zooming
  • Shorter load times, both when opening analyses and logging in

New Anywhere UI
The Anywhere user interface has a new modern look and functionality, too. Highlights include:
  • New way of browsing folders and documents similar to Windows client 
  • Multiple view modes, sorting options and added information on each document
  • Visual updates of all dialogs
  • Menu bar moved from bottom to top 

New layout object
  • Four layout objects converted to a single layout object with richer functionality
  • Support for SVG images, allowing better scaling of images in the object
  • Ability to save a layout object definition as a template for easy reuse – great for larger portal solutions where layout objects are frequently reused
  • Multiple predefined layouts with the option for two text definitions in one object – a big plus when using subtitles in layouts
  • Support for improved dynamic content selection with different granularity levels depending on number of members displayed
  • Option to add multiple system variables to enrich dynamic content

New KPI object 
  • Multiple editors, simple guidelines, simple format 
  • Allows up to three values, three text strings and as many images and shapes as you like
  • Offers a basic foundation for setting up simple new gauges quickly and easily
  • Comes with a variety of predefined layouts to accelerate setup
  • Expedites the process of designing your own SVG images

Improved trigger options 
  • Mouse cursor now displays a small arrow when hovering over objects with a trigger to make navigating between analyses more intuitive 
  • Users instantly know clicking on objects will change context
  • Cursor changes in both Windows and Anywhere clients 
  • Expanded trigger options let you open reports in PDF, export to Excel and open a document as it was saved 
  • Refined back/forward function

Additional improvements for Windows client:
  • Ability to add a title to a crosstab like charts
  • Increased performance on scatter charts with thousands of data points
  • New look & feel for the comparison dialog
  • New color picker with transparency setting
  • Ability to add data to an object and automatically refresh without going to define mode
  • Improved menu object, aligned with features in the layout object

A Better Experience

Better Smartpad Behavior
  • Automatically shifts to the expected Smartpad tab when an action is performed in the work area or somewhere else
Easier Sharing 
  • Ability to create a share link containing criteria and drill state
  • Export all object content to separate tabs in a single Excel workbook

Cross Tab Titles
  • Align with titles for charts and display properly in Anywhere

Streamlined Comparison Dialog 
  • Provides comprehensive overview of comparison elements from a single screen

New TARGIT Mobile BI

  • Reuse of charts from Anywhere provides better scaling and transitions

New Median & Rank Calculations 
  • Now available as smart calculations in the Windows client

Easier Administration

Improved Deployment of Windows Client

Decision Suite 2018 comes with great news for Windows system administrators: automatic upgrades. This new feature comes courtesy of TARGIT Client Installer, a small application that gets installed on all clients to ensure client and server versions always match. Whenever the server is upgraded, TARGIT Client Installer checks the server first before downloading and installing a new client package. 

More system admin benefits at a glance:
  • Multiple client versions on one machine
  • Customizable shortcuts administered from the server (text and icon)
  • Easy one-click user login via server shortcuts in Windows Start 
  • Option to pin a specific client shortcut to Windows Taskbar
  • New "Recent" list for pinned clients showing recently used documents 
  • Automatic handling of 32- and 64-bit installations
  • Easy one-time installation of client installer with the click of a link

  • New option to receive notifications if a job fails (global or individual jobs)
  • Ability to set batch schedules on an ordinary dimension attribute

Improved TARGIT Management
Decision Suite 2018 includes three new features that make TARGIT Management more convenient: 
  • "Soft kick-offs" of other users with on-screen pop-up notifications 
  • Integration of the Data Model Editor into TARGIT Management

Improved TARGIT InMemory Database

Several improvements to the TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio enhance the developer experience:

New Resource Utilization 
  • Ability to follow the resource utilization during execution
  • Cancel an ETL script during execution

Enhanced Data Integration 
  • TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio now features a new Tools section with direct links to the Query Tool and SQL profiler

Rearranged Workflow 
  • Requires more precise drops
  • Provides a right-click option to move individual steps to the top or bottom of the script
  • Provides a lock function to prevent accidental rearrangement of complex ETL scripts

New Data Drivers
  • Support for Excel files without header
  • Enhancements to the PowerBI and Salesforce driver
  • Driver for Trello

Improved Import Function 
  • New USEDISK keyword conserves memory while importing from data sources

Updated Database Engine
  • Optimized balance-function 
  • Ability to work with case-sensitive data sources

For a full list of changes and bug fixes, please see the change log in the Download Center

Feel free to post any comments, ideas and bug reports in the TARGIT Support System. 

We look forward to your feedback!


Jakob Bak

Usability & Apps Manager
I'm fascinated by human-computer interaction and especially the cognitive aspect of developing user-friendly software. As Usability & Apps Manager at TARGIT, I have a direct hand in developing and building some of the most exciting new add-ons coming out of TARGIT today.I've been working in software usability for the past 12 years. And for the last seven, I've bee..
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