Push the Boundaries of Your Creativity with Custom KPI Objects

Μαρτίου 13, 2018

DECISION SUITE 2018 takes data visualization to a whole new level. The flexibility of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files, introduced in the 2017 release,  has been taken a step further to include the powerful new KPI object. 

The new KPI object in Decision Suite 2018 allows up to three values, three text strings and as many images and shapes as you like. It also comes with a variety of predefined layouts to accelerate setup. Of course, you can still format numbers, translate text and insert dynamic text as you would with other objects.

Customizing KPI objects from predefined layout

Ready to get more creative? The KPI object reaches its full potential when you design your own SVG images based on the object. Building on the SVG format, the new KPI object lets end users create their own custom objects to be imported and used in the TARGIT client. 

The business benefit? The new and improved KPI object provides a more dynamic way to view performance measurements. Users can take advantage of the built-in templates or create their own, and the context of each field – including metadata and conditional text – can be formatted by our powerful label editor.

Bottom line: With multiple editors for creating image files plus simple guidelines and a simple format, the new KPI object not only expedites the process of designing your own SVG images. It lets you achieve highly customized visualizations and take your creativity to a whole new level.

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University
Certified TARGIT Specialist and Professional, at your service. When I joined TARGIT in 2003 it was with the ambition of becoming the TARGIT Expert. Since then, many years of responsibility for TARGIT University and exposure to solutions for thousands of customer and their challenges have helped me in fulfilling that ambition.  Since taking over TARGIT University..
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