The Fastest Route to Higher User Adoption Rates

Ιουνίου 06, 2018

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially when it comes to user adoption rates for your analytics solution. At TARGIT, we’ve found it invaluable to gather our users together so they can share their own user adoption experiences and help each other learn and implement change.


Last month, I held a TARGIT workshop in London for a number of our UK customers. TARGIT users from some of the UK’s major brands joined me, including Hobbycraft, White Stuff and Furniture Village. In addition to taking a tour of some of the newest TARGIT Decision Suite 2018 features and functionalities, we shared tips, tricks and shortcuts for not only using TARGIT but getting everyone else in the company onboard as well.


One of the major highlights for me was TARGIT Senior Digital Experience Manager Mai-Britt Klitgaard’s presentation on how to boost user engagement. I think most attendees were surprised to learn that a successful BI solution is defined more by the user and business processes surrounding the solution than by the software itself.


Perhaps most valuable were the stories and best practices that came directly from the users themselves. There were formal user presentations and engaging group discussions. TARGIT users found it inspiring to hear how other companies are deploying TARGIT Decision Suite in their organizations, and everyone went home with new ideas to increase user adoption at their own companies. 

This type of knowledge sharing and group participation does not come from an online seminar or help video.


User Group attendees also provided feedback for possible improvements to the product and shared their experiences with TARGIT’s wide range of customer support. The feedback has spawned new initiatives, such as the new “TARGIT Tutorials” series, which are tutorials made by TARGIT specialists to showcase some of the hidden or underutilized features of TARGIT Decision Suite.

What did user group participants have to say?

“It’s interesting, especially hearing about other people’s experiences, how they’ve actually deployed this new tool in their business and how they’re using it as well. I think it builds relationships with other companies. It’s also useful to see how other companies are using [TARGIT] since it is a new tool for us. Perhaps we’re not maximizing its potential, and to see what we can actually offer from it will be key for us for the business.”
Bhupinder Nota, Commercial Analyst, Furniture Village

“I like the fact that TARGIT allows users to build their own visualizations and drill down into analyses. Today’s been really useful, because it’s allowed me to get some perspective from different companies that I might not have met otherwise.”
David Shortt, Senior BI Analyst, Hobbycraft

“My team uses TARGIT all the time; we’re a commercial finance team. So we support the buying, merchandising, and supply chain teams … I’d definitely recommend the TARGIT User Group. I think the biggest benefit so far today has been meeting similar people from other companies and actually sharing best practices as well as getting hints and tips and updates on TARGIT for the new release that’s coming out.”
Neil Morton, Head of Commercial Finance, Hobbycraft

“Getting together with other people who use TARGIT and seeing how they use TARGIT in the different ways than we use it gives us new ideas.” – Jason Ash, Reporting Manager, Jigsaw
“I’d definitely come to another TARGIT User Group. I’ve already picked up tons of tips and tricks about user adoption from this group that I think I’ll definitely take forward to our company and our roll out of the TARGIT solution.”
Isabel Crisp, Application Support Analyst, British Ceramic Tile

Are you interested in joining us for an upcoming User Group or workshop? 

Talk to your TARGIT Sales Manager about future opportunities or keep your eyes on our regularly updated Events page.

Kasper Shik Thomsen

Kasper Shik Thomsen

Sales Manager
With broad-spectrum experience within business intelligence I feel more than comfortable in the role of being a trusted adviser to our customers and sales development partner to our loyal and accomplished sales channel. I have a well-rounded background in business analytics and data visualization and am eager to share my insights here on the TARGIT blog. My goal is ..
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