Normal Creates a New Normal with TARGIT Decision Suite

Ιουνίου 15, 2018

Normal is a Danish retail chain selling well-known brands at discount prices. From household items to cosmetics, personal care to beauty, Normal carries a variety of products and offers new products every week, delivering a unique experience to customers every time. The first store opened in 2013, and by 2017 more than 80 stores had opened across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

To keep up with the rapid growth, the company needed a comprehensive overview of products and market trends. Company decision makers only had Excel spreadsheets to help them decide which products to stock, determine which were most popular, and compare performance and retail chain locations. These spreadsheets were difficult to decode and lacked detailed analyses and user-friendly data visualizations. 

Normal needed deeper insight into a number of KPIs, but because they were pulling massive amounts of data into Excel, they could only access new data once a month. For a retail chain that needs to stay on top of market trends and consumer demands that could change on a dime, it simply didn’t make sense to operate that way.

With new stores opening all the time, Normal executives knew they needed to gain control of their data immediately. TARGIT Decision Suite contained all the features and functions Normal was looking for. Additionally, TARGIT’s skilled training, proven partnerships, and user-friendly self-service analytics made TARGIT Decision Suite an ideal solution.

The look and feel of TARGIT Decision Suite’s dashboards was the first thing that won over Normal decision makers. With user-friendly data visualizations, the dashboards give users insight into trends and KPIs in just a glance. Plus, automatically scheduled reports eliminate many of the frustrating, error-prone manual processes. Today, TARGIT pulls from massive data sources in minutes, so Normal stores have access to detailed product analyses on-demand, as opposed to once a month.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is the simplicity TARGIT Decision Suite has brought to many of the Normal processes. Employees in every department save significant time and resources doing tasks that used to take days. No one needs to manually collect data or create reports. The system does everything automatically.

Best of all, data is available when and where users need it. That means decision makers can make informed choices in an instant, instead of waiting days or weeks for the data they need. Managers know where to focus their attention from the moment they boot up their computers in the morning. 

Read about Normal’s new agile, responsive decision-making process and their relationship with TARGIT partner Kapacity in the full case study and video.

Martin Sørensen

Sales Manager
Almost nine years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics within organizations worldwide. In particular I have a passion for retail, and have followed closely the dramatic changes in the business during the past nine years, where business intelligence and analytics are being a mor..
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