Søstrene Grene turns to retail BI for global growth 

Ιουλίου 05, 2018

Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain that sells home goods, stationery and giftwrap, craft supplies, and children’s toys. Founded in 1973 in Aarhus, Denmark, the company today has almost 200 retail locations throughout Europe and Asia. 

Growth has exploded for Søstrene Grene in recent years. With 20 new stores opening in Denmark alone in 2015, the company found itself facing a new set of challenges in addition to the traditional retail tests: Using data to stay ahead of global trends and market changes.

Every new store opening brought new complexities to the table. Franchise owners around the world were struggling to collect and understand the troves of information they needed to make decisions. Back in Denmark, company headquarters struggled to make sense of the data they were collecting from franchisees.

Growing pains for a global retail market

Different currencies and market expectations made benchmarking locations problematic. Markets in Japan behave differently than markets in Iceland, and Søstrene Grene was struggling to keep up. It had become nearly impossible to measure each store’s performance accurately and prepare for the future based on anything more than gut instinct. 

Franchise owners had no insight into their revenue data. They often spent so much time combing through numbers that they reported having little time for anything else. Everyone from individual store managers to C-level executives wanted a more precise view of the entire supply chain. 

As part of the company’s commitment to an ever-changing selection for customers, Søstrene Grene stores cycle through a wealth of new products every week. Many of these items are sold only for short periods. Therefore, it’s paramount for franchise owners to always have a finger on the pulse of sales, returns and stocks on store shelves.

Successful solution, smooth implementation

That’s why Søstrene Grene turned to TARGIT Decision Suite. Employees immediately found TARGIT to be a user-friendly solution that accommodated the needs of every type of IT skill level in the company —from the Information Designers comfortable whipping up their own reports and analyses to the Information Consumers who just want to be able to see their most important KPIs at a glance.

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TARGIT partner Kapacity was on hand from the very beginning to help Søstrene Grene with their entire implementation process. Kapacity brought with them a deep knowledge of the retail business and the experience needed to kick off Søstrene Grene’s analytics journey smoothly and successfully.

Kapacity BI experts demonstrated to Søstrene Grene employees how to build reports efficiently. They also trained users in proper data governance for secure data management among all their different retail locations around the world.

Data-driven and ready for future growth

Søstrene Grene felt the results of its TARGIT solution immediately. Every day, standard reports are automatically sent out to users with only relevant data displayed, so users in different franchise locations only see the data they are meant to see. Employees are also empowered to make ad-hoc reports on their own when they need a different perspective on the numbers.

“The possibilities we have with TARGIT give an easy and fast overview and I can share it with my store managers who can, if needed, explain what happened,” says Christian Beck Henriksen, Retail Area Manager at Søstrene Grene. “In everyday use, it’s important that it’s easy and manageable and kept very simple. And that’s exactly what we got.”

High user adoption is now top of mind for the organization. With dashboards, reports and analyses designed to fit the needs of every user, the goal is to increase adoption and train employees to use TARGIT even more proactively and independently for their own needs.

Armed with the data they need, store managers and other company decision makers are now poised to make better, more informed decisions. Thanks to an unprecedented view into company data at every location around the world, Søstrene Grene’s growth won’t be slowing any time soon.

Read Søstrene Grene's story in the full case study here.


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