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Kim Hanmark

Director, Professional Services EMEA

"Put people before technology."

I have worked within the technology space since the early 90's. I started up as a software developer, building solutions for enterprise class companies. After the IT bubble burst in 2001, I transitioned into business management -- still with a technology perspective. I have spent the last five years helping large corporations successfully increase the adoption of Information Management technologies.


"Put People before Technology."

To become successful with your IT investments, you must truly understand the goals of your company. Finding the core business drives that make a certain company unique is the key to broad user adoption. This is why I love the TARGIT Action Loop -- it makes people talk!

Hot topics

Business intelligence can be applied in many different areas. New technologies and information channels are truly challenging how we process and distribute data/information. Some of my favorite topics within this evolution of Information Management are:

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