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Morten Attermann Holst

Head of Self-Service Analytics & Mobility

I have the pleasure of driving the TARGIT mobile department to a state where we are at the front of our game.

I've watched our TARGIT mobile client go from a "nice to have feature" and an add-on to the TARGIT Decision Suite, to a complete BI client providing business value to our customers.

Getting to this point has demanded hard work, user involvement, and a lot of iterations. I have really had to recognize the paradigm of the mobile platform where limited space and interaction possibilities demand a sense of creativity when solving the puzzle of getting the user directed to the information they want in an intuitive way, especially when the goal is to support the native feel of each mobile platform.

I am motivated by responsibility and team spirit, and like working in groups, as I believe that two minds work better than one. I am goal-oriented, self-motivated, and always willing to give an extra hand in times of pressure to meet deadlines and other goals. I am a positive person who believes the best in people, and consider negativism a creativity killer.

In my spare time I have a great interest in the technology surrounding us, and the endless possibilities which have been made available through Arduino and Raspberry PI, to mention a few. I am an IoT and Smart Home evangelist, who loves the idea that technology is set out to make our lives easier. openHAB and a bunch of Z-wave devices are the latest additions to my Smart Home, which have already made my life easier. Aside from that I enjoy the proud Danish audiophile tradition of speaker development, where System Audio is the current brand in the living room.

Specialties: iOS and Android development, C#, LINQ, MS SQL, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript.
Other: XML, HTML, JSP, Java, and C.

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