First ever TARGIT Certified Specialist

Ιουλίου 12, 2010
Julie West Rasmussen, Controller from Aarhus, Denmark-based company Systematic, is the first person ever outside TARGIT who may title herself TARGIT Certified Specialist.

Julie took the test this July and passed it with flying colors. The final score of 97 points (of 100 possible) bears witness to thorough understanding, expertise and specialist knowledge within the field of creating advanced analyses, reports, dashboards, agents, comparisons, calculations etc. with the TARGIT client.

"The test was fun and challenging at the same time", Julie says. "I enjoyed it very much. You barely have enough time to do all the exercises within the allocated two and half hours, and you really need to know your stuff. But the more attractive and valuable I also think this certification is. I am proud to be one of the first ever TARGIT Certified Specialists!"

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