INMEMORY: How it works, how to maximize it

Presented by: TARGIT Senior Solution Architect, Jesper da Silva Endelt

Time: 50 minutes

What is TARGIT InMemory and what value can it bring to your organization? 

We invite you to join Jesper for this special webinar and learn about TARGIT InMemory and how to:

  • Work with TARGIT InMemory
  • Make queries without expert knowledge of each data source's query language 
  • Model data using our easy-to-learn scripting language – no advanced coding required

Reap the full benefits of TARGIT InMemory and data modeling.

TARGIT InMemory - A short introduction

TARGIT InMemory is a column-store database that allows for large data set storage in a small space when loaded in-memory. 

This allows a 50GB+ database to fit into a few GB of memory space. Therefore it is able to quickly retrieve and present information.


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