Decision Suite 2017

Our biggest release ever.

Introducing the End-to-End Analytics Platform

Introducing TARGIT’s proprietary enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end toolset

The Universal Tool

TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 gives companies the option of running TARGIT as and end-to-end analytics solution by introducing an enterprise-grade in-memory database and back-end tool set. We've also improved performance for all the other supported data sources ensuring there's a solution design that works for every company's needs.

Designed for Speed

TARGIT's in-memory database delivers queries in blisteringly fast speeds. Column store technology only looks through relevant data, without wasting time processing the entire table. This means faster responses, whether users need a single record or aggregated values. Read more about in-memory in this blog post.

Purpose Built

The purpose built database is designed for analytics. Designed specifically as part of the TARGIT software solution, it works seamlessly with TARGIT Decision Suite and allows the most efficient execution of data operations.

Many-to-Many Relationships

The in-memory database supports easy configuration of many-to-many relationships, turning the traditional hassle of data model configuration on its head. 

Real-Time Data Compression

Compared to operational databases, TARGIT InMemory database compresses your data on the fly so it only uses between 5 and 20% of the original disc space, allowing you to have much more data available for analytics.

Forgiving Design

TARGIT InMemory database does not enforce referential integrity, allowing for faster and more flexible development. When there is an error in the integrity of the database, TARGIT will accept it and show null values inside TARGIT Decision Suite.

Data integration

The new data integration tool, TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio, is designed for fast data integration and data modelling. Connect to all data sources, transform data and load into the TARGIT InMemory database, and create models for analysis. 

For the data scientists we connect to Python for more advanced data operations.

Improved User Experience

Fast, intuitive creation of dashboards and analyses

New Start Page

Navigating through, organizing, and sorting documents has been drastically simplified. With pin folders, users and administrators can easily define custom folder structures for themselves or different user groups.

Filter & Search

New filters and an updated search functionality make it easier to find documents in shared and personal folders.

Getting Started

New users can easily create dashboards and analyses themselves from the new start screen. Embedded help videos and how-to tips guide users along the way.

Splash Screen

The new pop-up resources screen gives users access to the latest documentation, resources, and Tips & Tricks videos from TARGIT directly in the product. This screen can be customized to show company documentation or provide portal access.

Empty Members

TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 shows dimension members with no data in charts or criteria bars, which fosters better data visualization with the capability to design analyses around data that doesn't yet exist.

Scheduled Jobs

Administrators can now manage all jobs and settings from inside TARGIT Decision Suite. Creating and managing scheduled jobs for everyone in the organization is simple with the new scheduled jobs dialog.

Designing the Analytics Experience

The all new data visualization engine lets users customize every visualization to their own unique specifications


All chart properties have been moved into a single, intuitive dialog. Users have more control than ever before over properties such as column width, chart titles and fonts, visualization type, and so much more. Read more about the chart dialog in this blog post.


New labels let users customize font placement and orientation. TARGIT Decision Suite's advanced editor even lets users change between a range of pre-defined label types or create their own. There are endless ways to customize their analytics experience so consumers comprehend precisely what they're seeing. Read about labels in this blog post.


Design your charts the way you want with different options for coloring of charts and backgrounds. Need more options? Create your own color palette for full customization.

Comparison Line

It's easier than ever before to clearly compare values of different members in a series with the new optional comparison line

Dimension & Measure Axis

TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 comes with a range of brand new customization options for dimension and measure axes. Customization options include line thickness, label orientation, label formatting, label hierarchy, and much more.

Updated Triggers

TARGIT's popular trigger functionality brings trigger customization to a whole new level. Designers can exclude criteria when navigating to a related analysis.

New & Improved Data Visualizations

An entire chart library makeover

All new charts

We have updated all existing charts. Upgrade to TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 today and get instant access to our new library of data visualizations.


The updated funnel chart includes functionality so each element can be displayed by value or distributed evenly. Space can be added between individual elements.

New Crosstab Theme

The new default crosstab theme matches TARGIT Decision Suite 2017's updated data visualizations. New options for further customizing fonts and colors has also been added.

Step, Spline & Waterfall 

Variations of the line chart now include step and spline charts. We also added a waterfall chart. Each option can be used simultaneously in the same visualization.


The traditional charts catalog has been updated to support SVG maps, allowing users to add their own custom maps to display everything from graphical areas to production floors to store layouts and so much more.

All Your Data, Faster

A range of new features and functionalities has been added across Decision Suite 2017 to power more data sources and larger data volume integration and processing, faster than ever before.

Data Discovery Unlimited

Powered by the new TARGIT InMemory database, the Data Discovery module's previous data limitations are a thing of the past. Welcome to a world of unlimited data discovery. Read more about Data Discovery Unlimited in this blog post.

Data Discovery Formats

TARGIT Data Discovery has a whole new range of advanced data operation capabilities thanks to new formats. Users can now transform data right inside the Data Discovery module and add calculations at a role level.

Improved Cache

TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 has an improved cache within the TARGIT Server to reduce database requests and improve performance when drilling in and out of analyses and dashboards.

Required Criteria

It’s now possible to set a required criteria on individual objects so they don’t load before drill or global criteria is set. This provides significantly faster initial loads on very large data sets and is especially useful when data on a line level is required.

Improved Web Client

New highly requested features and functions to TARGIT's web-based and embedded BI bring analytics to all web users across the organization

Start & Splash Screen

The lightweight web client, TARGIT Anywhere, now has a Start page that is aligned with the Windows client. The Start page allows users to add and arrange folders. The new TARGIT Decision Suite Splash page has also been added to TARGIT Anywhere for instant access to resources and tips. This screen can be customized to show unique company documentation or provide portal access.


TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 gives everyone the option to drill through their data to see the underlying records that add up to the values on their screen. Deeper insight instantly.

Measure Selector

The Measure Selector, which was previously only available in the full TARGIT Decision Suite client, is now available directly inside TARGIT Anywhere. Embedded BI users can now change all the measures within a dashboard or analysis inside TARGIT Anywhere with a single click. 

eMail Sharing

Sharing findings with colleagues and business partners has been simplified with the ability to email documents directly from inside the TARGIT Anywhere client.

URL Action

URL action is now supported in TARGIT Anywhere, enabling users to open web resources and business applications with a single click from TARGIT Decision Suite.

Sort Options

Users can now change the order of columns from directly inside the TARGIT Anywhere client.

Updated Criteria Bar

Administrators can now set a search-only feature within the criteria bar to improve performance on data sets with millions of dimension members.

Integration Kit

The faster, more lightweight TARGIT Anywhere client is now the base of all deep integrations. This allows for fast and easy deployment and delivers TARGIT in front of users where they already work most.

Document Refresh

Users can instantly refresh documents to ensure they're working with the most up-to-date data from designers.

Better Mobile Capabilities

BI when and where you need it

Start page

The Start page across all TARGIT platforms, including the mobility app, is centered around the concepts of Favorites and Pinned folders. Mobility app users can add or delete documents to the Favorites folder to customize their view.


The preview option lets users instantly browse all documents in a specific folder. The preview displays live data, serving as an attractive option for a quick overview without the need to open individual documents.


Having trouble finding the right document? The new Search option works just like the iOs search bar to locate analyses.


Visually stunning analyses on your mobile device, when and where you need it.

See for yourself what all the excitement's about

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