TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 is here

Analytics for everyone in the organization

TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 delivers a new look and feel, enhanced usability, integrated data discovery and data governance, improved enterprise features, and updated mobility capabilities.

But that’s just the beginning of what’s now available out-of-the-box in the newest version of the best-in-class business intelligence software.

With Decision Suite 2015, TARGIT brings to the forefront the company’s mission to make it manageable to become a data-driven organization

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New features 

and functionalities

for improved business value
Decision Suite 2015 brings new features within four key areas of improved business value to the already best-in-class business intelligence platform.

These themes further the company’s strength in delivering the right data to every employee in order to make decisions faster, more efficiently, and more intelligently than ever before.

Integrated data discovery

for new perspectives
TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 introduces a consolidation of all the data discovery-tools available within TARGIT. For users this means no more switching between applications when performing data mashups. 

Stay within the TARGIT environment for all internal and external data discovery in one, integrated tool.


Play it safe with data governance

enterprise features

A truly data-driven company has set data free to decision-makers throughout the organization, and robust data governance is needed to ensure data is only ever seen by those who are meant to see it. The newest release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 better caters to the dual demands of IT and business users through governed roll-out of enterprise data.Trust your data is in the right hands.

Insight is activated

throughout the organization

Dashboards and analyses are not one-size-fits-all. TARGIT Decision Suite 2015 makes is simpler for users to get the data they need in the format that works best for them with the embedded client (TARGIT Anywhere) that delivers data to the everyday users from within the platforms they are already working in most. Additionally, Decision Suite 2015’s updated mobile BI client enhances the ability to reach users of all BI levels anywhere at any time with powerful, easily digestible dashboards.


New look and feel 

with enhanced usability
Decision Suite 2015 introduces a number of new visualization options to the individual decision-maker can view their data in new ways. It is our goal to ensure the information that is presented throughout companies is always easily comprehensible. A number of new features, including the platform’s sleek, modern new look make it easier than ever to format dashboards and analyses for personal and company-wide consumption

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