Fashion Analytics with TARGIT for TRIMIT

TARGIT for TRIMIT is a Business Intelligence and Analytics solution designed especially for your TRIMIT solution. Get up and running in no time with the world’s most user-friendly BI solution and enjoy rapid ROI.

The Business Analytics Solution Customized for Fashion

Are you keeping track of the different brands, products, collections, colors, sizes, customers, stores, and more to ensure your retail business is performing optimally? TARGIT Decision Suite for TRIMIT gives you a quick and thorough overview of your entire business, so you can make decisions based on fact.

open orders

Open Orders

Get a quick overview of your open orders in clear analyses

abc analysis

Product Analysis

Keep track of your daily sales and performance and make better decisions


Inventory Turnover

Create instant reports and get immediate insight into your inventory turnover.

The intelligent and close control of inventory, turnover, and production delivers improvements on the company’s bottom line of about 20 to 30 percent.

Carsten Lauritsen, CEO, Message

TARGIT for TRIMIT supports your decisions


Get insight with fully customizable analyses and transform your data into action to make more informed, fact-based decisions.


Create stunning reports with the user-friendly solution that enables you to easily create the reports yourself, without any help from your IT department.


Observe your organization’s overall health with dashboards, which give you instant insight into your KPIs. 

Track Everything

Closely monitor daily sales, daily performance, and sale of collections. Compare sales year over year and get a clear evaluation of the profitability of collections, product lines, products, styles, colors, and sizes, and more. With TARGIT for TRIMIT, never again be left in the dark with the important details of your retail business.

Quick Overviews

With TARGIT for TRIMIT, you can get a quick overview of all of your company data in clear analyses and simple reports. Continuously measure sales and establish brand accounts to evaluate the profitability of individual brands. You can even set up Intelligent Agents to monitor your numbers and send you a notification if changes occur so you can react quickly. 


TRIMIT is a Business Intelligence solution for fashion, furniture, product configuration and trade & distribution. The software is sold by CORNATOR in Denmark, a certified TARGIT reseller with more than 20 years of experience within the field. TARGIT for TRIMIT was designed in partnership to bring the most advanced BI and Analytics solution with the fastest ROI to our customers.

What is Business Intelligence?

We can discuss what BI solutions like TARGIT can do for you, and we can talk about the many features that are built into TARGIT’s solution in particular. But even if you can put all of the pieces together that way, a puzzle is no good to you if it’s upside-down. 

Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. The free e-book will give you the information you need in order to make the tough decisions.