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Business intelligence and analytics for wineries

TARGIT Decision Suite was designed to give wineries of every size everything they need to make better, faster, fact-based business decisions.
TARGIT multiple devices

Tailored Solutions

for unique winery needs

TARGIT Decision Suite is tailored specifically to provide a continuous overview of company data, internal systems, and external channels. Get everything you need with complete, flexible, and integrated reporting, analyses, dashboards, mobile, and more.

Wine analytics when & how you need them

View all of your data in interactive dashboards delivered directly where you work most with TARGIT Anywhere.

TARGIT’s data governance ensures the right people see the right  data in data visualizations that are right for them. Customize reports and dashboards tailored to specific roles with personalized icons relevant to wineries.

TARGIT for Wine Laptop

“It’s a game-changer in this industry. We use it to run our entire business. It’s where our reporting comes from, all of our bonus programs, literally everyone uses that data. Everyone can understand our business better without needing to rely on anyone else to get them the data they need to make decisions."

Paul Righello, THe Hess Collection Business Analyst

Complete overview of winery data

Break down the data silos. TARGIT Decision Suite combines data from every data source throughout the company for a single, consolidated view from vineyard vines to store shelves and every step in between. User-friendly reports and analyses deliver answers instantly to your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
Depletion data analysis
Automatically collects distribution and depletion data for comprehensive reporting and analysis
allocation planning
Never guess when or where to sell
pricing manager & margin analysis
Generates market-ready pricing for all unique state pricing requirements
Promotion Optimization
Clear visibility into trade spending
retail survey data collection & Reporting
Know exactly what's happening at the shelf


What can your BI platform do for you?

Purple Wine and Spirits relies on TARGIT to keep their entire company informed. Watch the webinar to see what they have accomplished since implementing TARGIT.

From Observartion to Action

in no time
TARGIT Decision Suite is built on the philosophy that decision makers should be able to make intelligent business decisions faster. Everything inside is designed to bring you from observation of changes in data to action that drives your company forward. TARGIT’s business intelligence software combines all the disciplines—from financial reporting to self-service visual data discovery—in one platform that can be deployed across the entire organization.
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Beyond Basic BI

TARGIT Decision Suite is the business intelligence and analytics platform for every business user. Get the data you need delivered in data visualizations customized for particular users.

  • Direct to consumer data
  • Lifetime customer value
  • Allocations
  • Inventory analysis
  • Expense management
  • Promotions
  • Process optimization for three-tier distribution
Dashboard on a laptop

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