Saves the public health service sector USD 230 million a year

“In keeping with TARGIT’s philosophy, we have our very own OODA circle – Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action. We use the observations from TARGIT to draw our attention to the areas where we need to keep ourselves informed. We make decisions based on the knowledge gathered and lastly, we act accordingly. In reality, TARGIT is helping us save the public health service sector 230 Million USD a year,” says Sune Lindgaard Nielsen, BI Manager at Amgros.

Every department in the organization use TARGIT. Previously, the management received a few reports in PDF format or Excel spreadsheets once in a while, but today, everyone can access data when they need to.

“We make great use of Storyboards on monitors throughout the organization. The visibility increases the general knowledge of our KPIs. Previously, only management had direct access to the figures. Now, the entire organization is able to easily follow the development of the company. It has been quite an eye-opener. That’s what’s fantastic about TARGIT – it supplies everyone with knowledge fast and easily,” says Mr. Lindgaard Nielsen.

The fact that it is now easier to access knowledge and that knowledge is spread out to the entire organization has not only led to a change of attitude; it saves the employees time and trouble as well. Now, the employees spend less time retrieving data and more time analyzing data.

Getting the right price
Amgros has a great need to know when and how to make a purchase in order to get the right products at the right price and TARGIT helps them do just that. “The reason why we chose TARGIT is that it is a great tool to cover most of the recurring needs. It fills the needs of the organization in a simple, user-friendly way and helps us in our decision processes,” says the BI Manager.

When Amgros began using BI in 2008, the company built a very small one-source solution. This solution has now been replaced with a full data warehouse gathering data from various sources. The platform is Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The data is pulled from the ERP and financial management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as from other internal and external source systems, for instance, Denmark’s Statistics, The Danish Regions and the public hospitals throughout the country.

Each night, Amgros’ TARGIT solution gathers new data which is converted into knowledge. Amgros benefits from this knowledge even though they are a small organization of only 40 employees, which in 2008 realized a turnover of 920 million US dollars

Sharing relevant data internally
Sune Lindgaard Nielsen has a lot of suggestions as to how TARGIT can be used in the future to make data even more accessible for the employees. “We definitely want to work towards incorporating the Business Intelligence solution in our internal portal in order to be able to see scraps of data on the intranet. I realize the value of showing data, making the employees able to review today’s KPIs together with the news – with just a single click,” concludes Mr. Lindgaard Nielsen.


BI Trends

BI Trends

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Amgros is a public company established in 1990. The organization is a leader in the tender and sale of health service. Amgros specializes in tender procedures, securing high quality handling of the process, complying with the complex legal requirements of public tenders.