BI & Analytics in Manufacturing 

Carl Hansen & Son, manufacturers of designer furniture, use TARGIT Decision Suite in every single department. Meet Maria Rømer, controller, and Knud Erik Hansen, CEO.

Carl Hansen & Son is a manufacture company so it is very important for them always keeping up-to-date about how the production is doing. During the past years they have had a solid growth but they didn’t keep up-to-date with their data, in the beginning they had a system for reports and financial analysis, another for data from shop floor, and a third for production and salary – sometimes they even created their own data from excel spreadsheet. During their growth they also became more globalized – it took too much time sharing all these reports with people from all over the world instead of getting a combined system, where everyone has access to the same reports, at the same time.
Before TARGIT, Carl Hansen & Son used a lot of resource finding the right data in the different systems so they could share it with others in the organization. Now, everyone knows where to find the exact report they’re looking for. The production can keep up with how they’re performing through the storyboard function in TARGIT. But TARGIT doesn’t only create value for the organization, it also gives an extra service to the customers – because Carl Hansen & Son’ client is setup to schedule dynamic reports that customers can e.g. keep track of orders, and overdue payments.
TARGIT has impressed the CEO Knud Erik Hansen with the availability of reports showing progression from the past day. Afterward the CEO can compare index and budget numbers – giving an overview of how the company perform worldwide.

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