The 26-Year Entrepreneur

March 27, 2013

“We’re on track.” “Business is growing year after year.” “Profits are good, life is great, not much stress.” “We have lots of experience and our customers are loyal.” “We have the best reputation in the industry.”
(first of a three-part series exploring the “new” TARGIT) 

I’ve thought each of these over the past few years. I’d still be thinking them today if a friend of mine hadn’t given me a swift kick in the pants.

The problem with all of those thoughts is that they express complacency. And if I’m experiencing work-related complacency, it’s safe to assume the rest of my company is, too. We were proud of what we had accomplished with TARGIT for the past several years, but we’d let ourselves become “rooted” in our habits, successful though they were.

I’d been afraid to jeopardize what we’d been doing well in the name of steady if unimpressive growth, and that’s not acceptable. I needed to find a way to jump-start my own energies and the company’s ambitions.

After about six months of reflection, I started to actively restructure the world around me. One event in particular was a catalyst in my plan: a Strategic IQ program at Harvard Business School. It felt as though the entire course was planned around my specific needs. The theme of the program was the struggle against the inertia that slowly kills businesses, regardless of past success. Talk about a targeted message.

One of my favorite takeaways from the meeting was the quote, “if you do not change as quickly as the world that surrounds you, it’s only a matter of time before you’re out of business.” My stay at Harvard Business School changed several aspects of my approach to business.

I realized that the risk in doing nothing is just as big as the risk in making big changes.

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