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October 15, 2013

Good service never goes out of fashion

The market of Business Intelligence and Analytics is growing at steadily. With a growing array of choices for BI, I imagine it must be harder than ever to find the right product for your organization.

Besides our technology (which, frankly, we think is tops) we at TARGIT think we have another leg up on the competition. And that’s the incredibly high level of attention from our Customer Success Managers. As a TARGIT customer, you won’t ever find yourself on your own after your TARGIT installation. We’ve worked hard to support our customers with every imaginable service. In other words, we want you to be a customer for life.

How do you measure the level of success when it comes to your investment in TARGIT?

TARGIT Customer for Life (yes, this is a role within TARGIT) wants to ensure your success. But when are you really successful with your TARGIT solution? My experience has shown me that the first thing customers want to do is eliminate the pain of not being in control of your data and wasting too much time digging for answers. Once you have a decent data warehouse and a smooth reporting process established in your TARGIT solution, you should start to feel pretty good. But there’s more.

Once you let go of manual or semi-manual reporting, you often find yourself left without any feedback. Is the automated and self-service reporting in TARGIT what you’re looking for? Are you harnessing the full power of your solution? The next step is to establish what impact TARGIT really has on your organization. Are you getting your ROI?

My answer would be that you are not really looking for rationalizations or process improvements to corporate reporting. You are looking for learning and action. Which findings led to which actions, and what were the results from these actions?

Once you acknowledge that the ultimate strength of TARGIT is moving the user from discovery through learning to action, you can begin to fully take advantage of the facilities of the TARGIT Decision Suite and applications to create the value that you bargained for in the first place. That should be a measure for success.

Obtaining full value of your TARGIT solution

Applying information technology to an organization and making it work as intended is far from trivial. TARGIT’s Customer Success Managers experience the challenges every day, speaking to or visiting TARGIT customers all over the world. In a broad perspective, you can narrow the challenges met down to three implications:

  1. Identifying pains and opportunities and seeking inspiration on how to handle them
  2. Understanding the technology and how to adopt it
  3. Creating solutions and building competencies within the organization

TARGIT’s Customer for Life concept aims to help you succeed in overcoming these challenges. We aren’t afraid to say that we don’t always have all the answers ourselves given the multi-characteristics of the TARGIT clientele, but our network of skilled developers and partnering companies will help you find them.

TARGIT Customer for Life aims to facilitate your success by three focal efforts:

1. Sharing Experiences

All TARGIT customers are invited to participate in bi-annual User Group meetings in selected countries. These meetings are widely attended, bringing scads of user experience to the table for a valuable educational opportunity.

You can also connect with other TARGIT customers in the TARGIT User Forum (www.youtargit.com), where you can benefit from the experience of your peers and TARGIT instructors.

TARGIT’s Customer Success Managers are also standing by to not only give you a heads-up on the recent technology developments, but even more to share their experience from the vast portfolio of TARGIT customers.

Sharing experiences also means taking an active part in helping other customers. By getting involved in our Reference Program or participating in customer surveys, you provide other TARGIT customers with insight. “Give and get, ” “quid pro quo,” whatever you want to call it, it benefits us all.

2. Technology Adoption

Apart from user groups and services provided by the Customer Success Managers, users are always extended an open invitation to events such as TARGIT Decision Day and our ongoing webinar series to fully understand new technology adoption. We at TARGIT always provide detailed product information on the TARGIT Customer Portal, and publish tutorial videos on targit.com. All are initiatives with the goal of showing you the potential in the technology we develop.

3. Competencies and Solutions

TARGIT University brings knowledge and skills to your team of developers and users. TARGIT’s Customer Success Managers will help you assess your demand for training.

TARGIT Consulting Services will also provide a full range of skills from data warehousing to front-end design, which come in handy if you ever run into bumps along the way.

TARGIT’s Global Services are key ingredients in the recipe for success, and our Customer for Life concept will draw upon these resources to a great extent.

In all, I hope you feel confident being a TARGIT Customer, and that you take advantage of all the services we provide to help you succeed. Start by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager.

See you along the way!

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Casper Gerner Mikkelsen

Practice Manager - Public
My job is to communicate the collective successes made by TARGIT customers and partners to ensure and facilitate even more success. Achieving success from harnessing the vast amounts of data available to any organization is not to be taken for granted simply by implementing technologies. In my experience, success comes from the total effort you put into addressing how..
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