Kvadrat Takes BI on the go with TARGIT Mobile BI

May 07, 2015

Read how one TARGIT customer takes advantage of TARGIT's mobile BI capabilities to gain even greater insight into their business whenever, wherever.
According to Gartner, mobile business intelligence is the second most popular application for companies on the go, falling only behind email. TARGIT has always seen mobile BI as a critical business tool. And after our recent mobile BI update with TARGIT Decision Suite, we’re even more excited than ever about the things TARGIT users are able to accomplish.

Let’s hear what it took for one particular TARGIT company, Kvadrat, to become data-driven on the go. 

Kvadrat stays in the know on the go with TARGIT mobile BI

Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles and the world's most respected in its field. Founded in 1968, the company shattered conventional Scandinavian design expectations by emphasizing bold colors and experimental materials.

Coming from humble Danish beginnings, Kvadrat has grown 68 percent over the past four years alone, now employing over 400 employees. Kvadrat supplies emerging talent and renowned architects, designers, and furniture manufacturers throughout the world. Their products are featured prominently in many of the world’s most highly acclaimed architectural accomplishments. 


In 2014, company revenue topped DKK 780 million. The company is scattered geographically with business activities in more than 25 countries, including 24 showrooms around the world. This makes the need for instant access to important information on the go crucial to business growth.

Kvadrat has been using TARGIT Decision Suite since 2007, but recently wanted to add the mobile business intelligence client to their toolkit. Historically the sales team would request individual performance data and customer information from operations at company headquarters. Despite having those numbers readily available in TARGIT Decision Suite, it was still time-consuming to provide it to employees on the road instead of letting them have access on their own outside of the office.

Empowering employees

Today Kvadrat has a comprehensive mobile client. The sales force has access to their own performance data and any customer information they need to be efficient, proactive, and self-sufficient. For example, they have 24/7 insight into which customer buys what, how often they are visited by a Kradrat representative, the top 10 most important customers, and other relevant insights. 

And unlike most other mobile business intelligence platforms that only present dashboards with very little ability to analyze root causes for new problems or opportunities on the rise, TARGIT Decision Suite lets users drill down to the details on your phone or tablet to find the why behind the what. Users can easily add criteria just like in the full desktop client, ensuring only the right people see the right information. 

The management team also has their respective analyses available on the go ensuring sales management and the C-suite always have insight into overall operations with the ability to drill down into the details no matter where they are.

The decision adopt mobile BI has saved the organization many hours of work, but that’s not what pleases IT Manager Kim Boeriis most. “It’s great to save time, of course, but the biggest win for us is that we have provided our employees with an overview that makes them able to ask the right questions,” he says.

The immediate access to data gives users the answers they are looking for resulting in quick responses and the ability to act on decisions faster than ever before.

“We believe that the most relevant decisions are made in the situation with updated info at hand.” 

Designing mobile BI with the end users in mind

When considering going mobile, it’s not the technical obstacles you should focus on. That part is easy. With TARGIT, you’re up and running in a few hours. What you need to consider is what you want to be available on your mobile devices. Who needs what data and how can it be presented in a way that makes most sense to them? You can read our guide on defining the BI User Personas in your company and how they work best in this eBook.

Good advice from Boeriis is to keep it simple. You can always add more going forward.

“Don’t be overambitious. It pays to keep it simple and graphical. No one wants to look at crosstabs on their mobile device. [Our users] want simple, intuitive graphics.”


“Our users are able to ask the right questions because they are presented with the right amount of data,” says Boeriis. 

But mobile BI ambitions at Kvadrat don’t stop there. The company plans on making even more sections of the business mobile too. 

Clearly, mobile BI is a key element to becoming a more efficient, effective, data-driven organization. Are you ready to take your insights on the go? Contact us today to get started.


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