Looking Back on ViewPoints: Business Analytics for Wineries

March 01, 2017

Last week, I joined TARGIT partner Business Impact for its fourth ViewPoints customer event in Sonoma, California. The event centered largely on Business Impact’s customers in the wine industry (suppliers and distributors), with a few additional Food & Beverage and Manufacturing companies sprinkled into the mix. The common thread, besides all things delicious, was the use of TARGIT Decision Suite.

See TARGIT’s customized business analytics for wineries solution: BI for wineries.

ViewPoints was designed to help foster a community of sharing among Business Impact customers who utilize TARGIT as part of their business analytics strategy. During the event, we talked shop, shared stories, and enjoyed a little fruits of the labor of our winery customers. Literally.

It was enlightening to hear from various TARGIT users as they described where they were on their analytics journey, how they got there, and lessons learned for others to accomplish similar milestones. Important topics such as user adoption and mobile capabilities were covered throughout the day.

Read the guide to increasing BI user adoption at any company here: How to Ensure the Highest User Adoption Rates for your BI Project

What business analytics tools are wineries most excited about?

I was on hand to demo the latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite and to give my tips for data visualization benefits and best practices. In the wine industry in particular – where business intelligence and analytics often means crosstabs and reports – discussing the importance of visualization and opening some eyes to what can be done in TARGIT was an exciting process.

You can read TARGIT’s tips for data visualization best practices here.

I particularly enjoyed revving the engines of TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 for customers such as Opus One Winery, The Hess Collection Winery, Far Niente Wine Estates, Foley Family Wines, and Advance Pierre Foods, each of whom has their eyes to the future of what they can accomplish with such a robust analytics platform once they update.
business analytics for wineries
I walked everyone through the expanded charts library in TARGIT Decision Suite 2017, some of which you can see—along with guidelines on when to use them—in this recent blog post: Data Visualization Best Practices: How to Choose the Right Visual Display of Data.

Without a doubt, the new area map charts and SVG capabilities had this crowd most excited. The latest version of TARGIT Decision Suite supports SVG maps so users easily can add their own custom maps or illustrations to display everything from geographical areas to winery tasting rooms to retail store layouts and so much more.

Inkscape, a free vector graphics tool, lets users design their own custom SVG images to use in TARGIT Decision Suite. Customers were buzzing over the endless possibilities. In fact, some attendees had downloaded Inkscape before I even finished my presentation. The creative juices were flowing like … well, like wine.
SVG chart for wine

Better insight to winery analytics

It was energizing to spend time listening to how TARGIT Decision Suite’s business analytics for wineries solution has helped so many wineries of various sizes throughout California gain full insight into everything from depletion data, allocation planning, and pricing manager and margin information to promotion optimization and retail survey data.

Business Impact’s partner VinSuite has developed a platform that places TARGIT’s Anywhere client directly in the programs that winery employees are already using most to manage data. Up-to-date dashboards are available on any web-enabled device, and users can drill in to numbers to see real-time changes in their data.

I’m confident these TARGIT evangelists left the event inspired to do so much more with their solutions. As for me, I’m feeling pretty good too. As our TARGIT VP of Sales & Marketing, Kim Kristiansen, said of this year’s ViewPoints, “unprovoked customer satisfaction is almost religious.” 
He’s referring to a conversation we had as we concluded the event with a tour of one of our winery customer’s vineyards, Foley Johnson Winery. An area manager tracked us down to tell us his thoughts on TARGIT for wineries:

“TARGIT’s the reason I took this job. I saw the dashboards and the information I would have access to, I knew I needed to take this job. I do love TARGIT.”

Do you want to see TARGIT's business analytics for wineries in action? Contact us for a demo.

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