The Data-Driven Approach to Better Content Marketing

As a marketer who specializes in copywriting and branding, I could talk all day about the importance of high-quality content and focused campaigns. And don’t get me started about knowing your audience and understanding their needs. Let’s not forget effective communicating and fostering relationships through content.

None of this matters to my boss though, unless I can deliver the data that proves that the work we do in Marketing – website design, email campaigns, event management, and thought leadership to name just a bit – results in moving prospects through the funnel and keeping current customers engaged, supported, and happy.

A beautifully written blog post is nice, but a beautifully written blog post that directly leads to dozens of trial downloads is valuable. That’s why I need data to back up my content.

I get that data with my marketing analytics. As my colleague Mikkel said in his post about sales analytics in his department, we eat our own dogfood here at TARGIT. By that I mean I rely on TARGIT Decision Suite every day to deliver the insights I need to make strategic marketing and content decisions. Data delivered in dashboards and analyses help point me in the right direction and let me know when I’m doing something right – or wrong.

Access to data through marketing analytics makes me a better marketer. Below are the most common ways I use TARGIT Decision Suite in my own daily marketing routine. The right business intelligence and analytics platform for marketing can help you achieve the same goals and improve your processes too.

Instant access to campaign results

We use Sitecore for our website platform and email campaigns. That means I manage the entire customer experience -- everything from newsletters to website content -- from one central backend platform. TARGIT integrates seamlessly with Sitecore, so I have access to all of my Sitecore data in near real-time. I also have a number of reports on my most important KPIs that are scheduled to hit my inbox first thing in the morning.

Wondering if you're measuring the right KPIs for your goals? We put together this handy guide to help you see through the clutter: The Metrics That Matter.
From there, I can open TARGIT to see exactly what the customer experience was like. In just a few seconds I can see who entered, what they clicked, and if they completed any goals. An email campaign centered around getting users to try a new tool isn’t any good if no one is opening my emails or clicking through where I want them to go. And of course, when I can directly quantify the number of new downloads that came directly from a newsletter or blog post that I created, I can show instant value to my higher ups.

Better newsletter management

Whenever I send out a newsletter to customers, prospects, or partners, I get almost instant access to their analytics. I can see how many people opened, who they are, where they’re from, and what they clicked from that newsletter that brought them to the TARGIT website.

marketing analytics for newsletters

I’m most interested in total sent, total opened, number of unproductive visitors, and number of productive visitors. From there, I can drill into what those productive visitors clicked through. I can even click to the email directly from TARGIT to review it one more time for content and patterns with the results right in front of me.

marketing newsletter analytics

Goal completion tracking

My favorite dashboard to review each day displays my blog entrances and conversions. When I open the dashboard I can scroll through a list of all blog posts, ordered by number of entrances and number of goal completions. I can view goal completions in a bar chart by month. And I can drill into each individual post or each month or multiple months to see which goals were completed – eBook download, webinar registration, trial download, contact us form submitted, etc. This shows me the most popular posts and the most valuable posts.

marketing analytics for blogs

These are valuable numbers to have on hand when I’m asking company executives and other specialists for their time to spend on a blog post because ultimately, I can’t do any of this without them. I am confident to ask one of my sales or development colleagues for an hour of their time for an interview on a new feature when I know that time is going to result in a blog post that leads to goal completions that ultimately benefit them.

marketing analytics for blogs

Improved content strategy

I can also see what brought visitors to the blog, whether it be Google, social media, or a direct link. This helps me reverse engineer posts to further improve SEO and to continue to build relevant content for interested audiences. By monitoring which links were clicked throughout a blog post, I can see which topics readers are interested in learning more about, and add those topics to my overall content strategy.

This helps me create my own best practices for content creation based off of what works and what doesn’t. I’m always working on perfecting the length of newsletters and blog posts, playing with subject lines and titles, and figuring out what angle most appeals to our desired audience.

There are many marketing platforms that promise streamline processes and insight with analytics, but none could give me the raw analytics power that I get with my current tool suite. We’re always working to know our prospects and customers better and tools like visitor profiles analyses and heat mapping. The more data I have, the closer I get to designing a perfect strategy for my company. 

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Content Marketing Manager
A professional writer, communicator, and marketer by trade, I'm fascinated by the way data - and in particular big data - is changing the way companies do business. As Content Marketing Manager for TARGIT I tackle this topic and many others in my mission to expand TARGIT's footprint and show the world exactly what it means when you have TARGIT in your tool box. I..
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