TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 - Update 3

June 23, 2017

Today we are thrilled to announce the much anticipated release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Update 3. We've been working away at perfecting all of the new features and believe this is our biggest Update to date. Read on below to lean more about the many new features and functionalities. Ready to give it a try for yourself? Download the free trial now.

New menu object 

Decision Suite 2017 Update 3 has a brand new menu object available. The menu object can be added like any other object, and can be customized to display an array of images and text with triggers to documents, URLs, file repositories, and actions.

Users can save the object as a menu file for easy reuse across your dashboards making for easier administration. Saving menu files in different folders opens up for governing access to data through the existing roles setup. It is even possible to tie a specific menu file to a role allowing different users to see different menus in the same dashboard. The new menu object has been natively implemented on all of our platforms, including mobile, for a better experience and look. 

Improved design experience

We have great news for all the designers out there: We know you spend a lot of time catering for users on different platforms and this update will help you tremendously. First, we have made an invisible “grid” that can be defined for each object in document properties. It makes it easier to align objects in relation to each other because the object edges are no longer moved pixel by pixel, but in larger steps that “snap” to the defined grid. This update also shows the position of the edge the user is dragging in the mentioned grid, making it much easier to adjust and set the size of objects.

Finally, Update 3 lets users design for a specific device. By simply selecting one of the predefined displayed devices or creating a custom display device, the work area adapts sizing to fit that device’s specifications. This gives you a preview of the proportions of the objects in a dashboard on a specific device, such as an iPad.

Creating a custom display device also lets you lock the width and/or height of the dashboards when they are opened in TARGIT Anywhere or in a TARGIT app. This is a valuable designer feature, making it possible to design for “portrait mode” for a phone, for example. Users can simply scroll through objects/KPIs, or have an overview by locking the analysis to width and height. 


Update 3 expands the current Favorites and Mobility features with the option to save a link to a dashboard with a different set of global criteria than what is defined in the referred document. We have done this by replacing the Favorites and Mobility folders with a new Bookmarks folder. Bookmarks are saved by opening a dashboard and clicking the “Bookmark” button in the File tab in the ribbon.

Any changes made to the global criteria in the dashboard will be reflected in the Bookmark. The Bookmarks folder is a personal folder for each individual user. It differs from the Favorites and Mobility folders in that users can also save Bookmarks in the Shared and Personal folders. This delivers the option to have a master dashboard opened with different global criteria by different types of users in your organization.

The well known feature to add Favorites to a specific role in TARGIT Management has been changed, such that documents are added to a new folder in TARGIT named 'Managed'. This to keep these managed documents, that cannot be changed or removed by the user, in a separate folder. The Bookmarks folder is available on all clients, including mobile. Adding Bookmarks is available from both the Windows and the TARGIT Anywhere clients, giving Information Consumers a way to save a dashboard with changed criteria in the TARGIT Anywhere client.

Note that upon upgrading from previous versions, the Favorites and Mobility folders are placed inside the Bookmarks folder and the content of those folders have been changed to bookmarks.

Cloud readiness

TARGIT Decision Suite Update 3 is cloud enabled. We have added SSL encryption on the communication between the client and the server, ensuring a secure transfer of data to a cloud-based server. Security is enabled by a custom self-signed certificate as default, but can be exchanged with a (CA) signed certificate in TARGIT Management. This also allows for connections to the on-premise TARGIT Server from everywhere without needing a VPN connection. Please note that after upgrading to this update, client users will have to accept the self signed certificate when logging in.

So much more ...

Several other features and changes are available in this release, including:

Rectangle selection in charts: draw a rectangle around data members with the mouse to make a selection. This feature is available on all charts with axes.

Drill all objects out with just a single click in the ribbon.

Popular documents folder on the start page. Get inspired on your colleagues’ data insight! Available in all clients.

Right-click menu in work area has been cleaned up for easier overview.   

TARGIT Anywhere

We continue our journey of converting our charts to JavaScript throughout the TARGIT Anywhere client. In this update, we have converted the pie, donut, and funnel charts. The new menu object also takes advantage of all the great performance and design the JavaScript technology has to offer. TARGIT Anywhere also supports the aforementioned bookmarks, popular documents, and the option to drill all objects out with a single click. It also adds the highly requested options to expand individual members in a hierarchy, as well as auto-filtering of the criteria bar.

TARGIT Mobile Apps

Both our iOS and Android apps offer a range of new functionality. For the first time ever, we have a new native object on both iOS and Android - the menu object - improving look and feel. We also have improved notifications. With this update you no longer have to open the app to view your notifications. Instead they are displayed in Apple's Notification Center with the notification text displayed, allowing you to take action immediately. Improved notifications require that you run TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 Update 3. In addition to these, we also offer the following features:  


  • Display popular documents across all users
  • Display Managed folder if set up in Roles
  • Add/remove/move pinned folders
  • Force refresh in document browser (pull down list of documents)
  • URL actions
  • Sorting on crosstab columns


  • New document browser view with tabs and layout choice
  • Display Bookmark and Popular folders
  • Display Managed folder if set up in Roles
  • New fast access to analysis preview (requires TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 or later)
  • Support for accessing pinned folders (requires TARGIT Decision Suite 2017 or later)
  • New document search view
  • Measure selector
  • Support search only
  • Support for fingerprint reader for device ownership verification
  • Support for Android 7 multi windows mode

TARGIT Data Model Editor

A brand new data model editor is also part of this update. We have written a new editor from scratch with improved user experience and new features. This standalone editor is automatically installed when editing the first data model in TARGIT Management. Provided there is internet connection, the editor keeps itself up to date by checking for updates when opened.

TARGIT InMemory Database

The InMemory Database and tools are now being an important factor at many of our customers and we are continuously building on the platform.

The new TARGIT Data Model Editor has several improvements targeting the InMemory Database, we now support member translations, hierarchical comparisons (navigating hierarchies in MDX), support for custom SQL expressions, enabling use of STDEV, STDEV_P and other statistical functions built into the database as well as features to enable development of data models handling multi-currencies.

In addition to this the following important features have been added:

Database Engine and Native Tools

The engine has had many improvements, including improved performance when joining large datasets. Support for EXCEPT/INTERSECT, 33% performance improvement when applying distinct counts and sums. The query tool has had several changes in the UI, e.g. colors and general usability.

Data Drivers and connectivity for other databases

We have added support for a number of new data sources, both by adding our own native drivers and by making use of APIs from other vendors even easier, the list now includes:
  • SAP
  • Dynamics CRM (2011+ including the current CRM Online v8.2)
  • Dynamics 360 for Operations (D3FO) – this is our own NATIVE driver directly accessing the Azure SQL Database without using OData or the Entity store
  • JSON
  • XML
  • PowerBI
  • Penton (EquipmentWatch, PriceDigest etc)
  • Trello
  • Alteryx
  • IBM DB2 / iSeries
  • PostgreSQL
  • Rocket Software Unidata
  • HPE Vertica

ETL Studio

A lot of new features have been added to ETL Studio: single-click publishing, automatic scrolling during publishing, new toolbox items making it easier to build complex scripts, new data source selection dialog. For users working with ETL Studio already these enhancements will surely be appreciated.

InMemory Scheduler Management

On the administration side we have improved the reliability of the scheduler engine and added extended logging with information about the user/schedule executing an ETL script as well as statistics that enable administrators to get insight into ETL performance and the size of their current TARGIT InMemory Databases.

Please note that the navigation bar is no longer supported, since much of the functionality is maintained in the new menu object. This adds stronger governance and improved flexibility and administration. Also note that we no longer support the change of skins for the Windows client and support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 for the TARGIT Anywhere client has ended.

For a full list of changes and bug fixes, please see the change log in the download center. Comments, ideas, and bug reports should be posted in the TARGIT Support System or by providing feedback on the splash screen displayed when starting the clients.

We're looking forward to your feedback!


Jakob Bak

Usability & Apps Manager
I'm fascinated by human-computer interaction and especially the cognitive aspect of developing user-friendly software. As Usability & Apps Manager at TARGIT, I have a direct hand in developing and building some of the most exciting new add-ons coming out of TARGIT today.I've been working in software usability for the past 12 years. And for the last seven, I've bee..
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