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November 14, 2017

There are countless product reviews and surveys in the analytics industry, but how good can a survey be if it doesn’t take the actual users into account? An industry-expert can fly through a product review in a few hours and pass their thoughts and opinions on to consumers, but it’s also important to hear from those who are using the software day in and day out. That’s why BARC created their BI Survey to collect the opinions of BI users from around the world to see how the industry’s products stack up against each other in real-life scenarios. In fact, BARC’s The BI Survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence users in the world.

This week, the 2017 results were officially released and we wanted to share TARGIT’s standings with you. Over 3,000 people using 42 different BI products were interviewed by BARC for this year’s survey. Out of those 42 products, TARGIT was a leading vendor in 22 categories and the No. 1 vendor in two categories related to product satisfaction. In other words: TARGIT users are happy!

TARGIT is one of the industry’s leading visual discovery-focused products that organizations are opting to use as their standard BI solution across the organization. That means we’re doing good on our company mission to bring data to the masses. We set out to make a product that was robust enough for the IT department, but user-friendly enough for technically phobic to be able to consume, understand, and make decisions based off the data that was otherwise locked away in complicated systems. We’re thrilled to see our customers are democratizing data across the entire organization, with multiple departments all using TARGIT Decision Suite.

This year, TARGIT received increased marks in a number of categories including Project Success, Business Value, Product Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Use, and Customer Experience.
According to The BI Survey 17: “TARGIT is a solid vendor which, according to customers, knows how to complete successful projects on time and on budget. The solution not only provides information to users but it also seems to contribute to the well-being of customer organizations. Customers report high levels of business benefits and business value from using the software. Good results in the ‘Innovation’ KPIs as well as satisfaction with the product itself show customers’ contentment with the solution. Moreover the vendor ranks as a leader for ‘Vendor support’ and its ‘Implementer support’ rating has also improved this year.”

Because of all of this, TARGIT customers are consistently one of the happiest in the BI industry. TARGIT is a leader for customer satisfaction KPIs in all of our peer groups of similar products. This is an increase from last year, which is attributed to our recent work on the overall architecture, improved business-user-oriented UIs, and advancements in in-memory data processing and data mashup features.

TARGIT Decision Suite is ranked highly by users in ease-of-use, leading in areas such as visual analysis, mobile BI, and embedded BI. Customers rate the product highly in relation to industry innovation thanks to our recent work in the modernization of TARGIT Decision Suite and trending areas such as collaboration, mobile BI, and data discovery.

Overall, this year’s rankings in The BI Survey 17 hit the nail on the head of what we’re trying to achieve at TARGIT: company-wide adoption, ease-of-use, powerful analytics capabilities, technical support, and overall customer happiness. We think that’s the recipe for the ideal BI and analytics tool. 

You can see TARGIT’s detailed review in the BARC BI Survey 17 in the full TARGIT ranking report. Download it for free. You can also watch the highlights in the video below:


Peter Ørum

Product Manager
I have been with TARGIT since 2006. I'm an expert in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics, and my resume includes the project of implementing Business Intelligence at Tommy Hilfiger. I currently reside in Tampa, Fla., but am originally from Denmark. I blog about my specialties at TARGIT, including Business Intelligence functionality.
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