Morsø Heats the Future with TARGIT

May 01, 2018

Named for a small island in Jutland called Mors, the wood burning stove company was founded in 1853. In 1915, Morsø became a household name when the company was appointed purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, and international sales took off.

Today, Morsø is expanding its business strategy into two new segments: outdoor living and KDL (kitchen, dining, and living). With new challenges to take on, Morsø needs a comprehensive view of each part of its business now more than ever. That’s why they rely on TARGIT Decision Suite to unify data, track KPIs, and arm decision makers with the information required to push the strategy further.

“We are using TARGIT in more or less all departments,” says Jens Daugbjerg, CFO of Morsø Jernstøberi. “Production is quite a big user of it for inventory tracking, for supplier statistics, etc. Sales is using it for a lot of daily sales reports. We’re using it for market analysis, cost follow up. So it’s used widely within sales, and production. And finance, of course, is a very big user of it also.”

Daugbjerg relies heavily on TARGIT to give him a comprehensive view of company health at the push of a button. With easy access to TARGIT’s up-to-date reports and analyses from every department, Daugbjerg can make informed decisions in an instant. That level of speed and insight makes it a breeze for Daugbjerg to tackle the jobs that traditionally would have gone to multiple people with ease.

“We have quite an old ERP system,” Daubjerg explains. “It’s an AX system. That’s not very useful for reporting. So we use TARGIT to extract data that we can use that to do all of our analysis … It’s important that we can make intelligent decisions on a daily basis based on, for instance, sales statistics.”

And Daugbjerg knows BI.

“Obviously TARGIT is quite a good tool,” says Daugbjerg. “I have a long career within finance for different companies and have used different BI tools. But I have to say TARGIT is definitely top of the list. It’s very easy to use, quite flexible, and you have a multitude of things you can use within TARGIT.” 

 “We use [TARGIT] on a daily basis to get data so we can make decisions, maybe change something,” says Daubjerg. “Basically run our business. So it’s quite useful in a lot of ways.”

Read the full Morsø story to learn about the company’s users, its future plans for the TARGIT solution, and how its relationship with TARGIT partner Accobat keeps the wheels greased and users happy.

Martin Sørensen

Sales Manager
Almost nine years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics within organizations worldwide. In particular I have a passion for retail, and have followed closely the dramatic changes in the business during the past nine years, where business intelligence and analytics are being a mor..
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