Get to Know Data & User Governance

December 04, 2018

TARGIT Decision Suite comes standard with two very important features for enterprise BI and reporting: data governance and usage logging. Data governance brings a robust level of security and scalability to the entire enterprise. 

While rolling out BI throughout the entire organization, it is important for administrators to understand which dashboards and reports end users are actually utilizing. That’s where usage logging comes in. This level of knowledge uncovers how to make the data more accessible to more people, thereby increasing overall user adoption throughout the enterprise. 

Mikkel Oldenburg, Senior Sales Manager, and I put together a two-part webinar series to introduce users to these powerful features and what they mean for enterprise analytics. You can watch part 1 on-demand here and part 2 here.

Why is data governance so important? 

Data governance is your company’s policy on how data should be handled throughout the organization to ensure that data is utilized for analytical and operational purposes in the most optimal way without compromising any sensitive data (either business or personal). In other words, data governance brings the right data to the right people at the right time.

TARGIT isn’t just a dashboard and analytical tool. It is also an enterprise-wide solution for reporting and data discovery. That’s why data governance is so important.

True to our mission, data governance ensures TARGIT is the one business-owned platform for enterprise BI. Central control eliminates any islands of data within the organization. In addition, every type of control offered through the UI can be pushed to the business users without advanced technical expertise. There is no coding required. 

What will you learn from the webinars?

We dig into the basic principles of TARGIT’s data governance and data discovery governance best practices. We show you how to set up role-based security related to source data, published reports, and row-level security. In part two you'll also learn how to set user licenses and control rights, schedule jobs management and much more.

Many TARGIT customers use TARGIT as a web-based portal within their own applications, so it is important to know how to best support users and landing pages in that format. We demonstrate the landing page per role when using TARGIT as a portal. 

We also dig into usage logging from the end user perspective. Whenever you roll out a BI solution, it’s important to know if the end users are actually using the reports created for them. This insight helps increase user adoption and answers other questions about how to get BI into the hands of the most users over time.

Watch part 1 on-demand here, and part two here


Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect
I’m eager to study the trends of the BI market and compare them to the actual implementations that take place worldwide. My position of Solution Architect at TARGIT has me covering all aspects of turning data into insight, from technical setup to end-user training. I create data warehouses and user friendly analyses and reports that enable our custom..
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