User Groups Help Increase User Adoption  

March 28, 2019

According to market research, business intelligence platforms have a 51 percent user adoption rate. That number is typically made up of a company’s data scientists and BI power users. For everyone else in the company, the user adoption rate of BI platforms is about 20 to 30 percent.  

We know companies can’t improve the data-driven decision-making process without BI, so 51 percent is never a number we would settle for. So, how can we assure that every organization that implements TARGIT Decision Suite experiences the highest possible rates of BI adoption?  

Based on our research, there are four points that help increase overall technology adoption at companies:  

  1. A user-friendly product 
  2. A seamless implementation process  
  3. Thorough and ongoing training  
  4. Consistent interaction with customers
At TARGIT, we have found the most successful and simple way to address and improve all these points at once is through user groups.

Users groups are an opportunity for us to gather all our customers in one room at the same time and let them share their pain points and experiences with the TARGIT solution. Doing this lets users know they aren’t alone in their BI journey and helps create a comfortable atmosphere where they can openly discuss their struggles and successes with BI.  

In our most recent user group at the CDK Conference in San Diego, California, one of the participants stated, “this user group opened everybody’s eyes [in my organization] that other people were having the same sort of pains and experiencing similar successes.”    

CDK and TARGIT have been partners since 2017 when CDK was looking for a comprehensive BI and analytics reporting solution to complement their dealer management system, and since then, we have created a mutually beneficial partnership that goes beyond BI and analytics.   

During CDK’s biennial customer conference, we hosted our first ever TARGIT user group for CDK customers to foster the partnership, maintain regular communication, and continue the ongoing training and troubleshooting with CDK's BI platform of choice.   

The biggest impact of the user group was when customers shared their TARGIT experiences. Three customers shared their stories about using TARGIT Decision Suite, and judging by the reactions from attendees, it was valuable for everyone in the room. Tyler Herbst from Best Line Equipment posted on LinkedIn, “Amazing event! Can’t wait for the next one!” It was clear that attendees were hungry for more examples from other users, so don’t worry, more user groups are on the horizon.

During this user group, Tommy Jensen, TARGIT Product Manager, previewed the new TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 that is being released this year. The sneak peek was widely popular with customers who said they “can’t wait to get their hands on it!”  

We also shared tips and tricks as well as advice for how to improve communication and support between customers and product development. There were quite a few TARGIT team members ranging from C-Suite executives, to customer support, and product team members available to meet with customers one-on-one to discuss the product and answer any questions they may have had. CDK executives and staff were also present to ensure open lines of communications among costumers, CDK, and TARGIT. 

TARGIT's goal with the user groups is to build a community where customers feel heard and appreciated. They are opportunities of growth not only for customers to learn more about the product and learn about ways to boost user adoption, but also for us to learn more about their needs and make improvements in the product that benefit their daily work lives. We noted all their comments and ideas, and we are now looking for concrete solutions to accommodate their needs.  

Not only was the user group a win, but the CDK Conference was a huge success. We want to send a huge thank you to CDK for the opportunity to do business with them, and we are especially grateful for the experience to interact with all our customers and learn from them. We look forward to the next time we can all get together again to keep sharing the TARGIT experience. In the meantime, be sure to check out the upcoming events and where we are going next. See you soon!  
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Patrick Hoover

Global Alliance Manager
"Applying my knowledge of the heavy equipment industry in my role as Global Alliance Manager, where I'm responsible for developing and growing Business Intelligence/Analytics partnerships while assisting companies in adopting a data-driven decision-making model." Leader with a business development mind-set using analytical data to drive decisions, with a background in..
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