Meet our Authors

Aris Vassis

Aris Vassis

Commercial Director at TARGIT Greece
Aristides is an IT/Sales Executive with an extensive experience in all aspects of the Information Technology industry. His varied educational background allows him an in depth appreciation of the business to technology to human resources interaction cycle. 

Jesper Lillelund

Vice President of EMEA Sales

I have a great passion for new ways of thinking and improving business using data. Let's talk about how data can positively impact your numbers.

Adam Thomas

Partner/Customer Success Manager
"TARGIT doesn't stop at features and functions. I make sure you're getting the most of your solution every step of the way on your BI journey."

Boe Pedersen

Chief Solutions Architect
Helping you make the most of your TARGIT solution.
Dan Edwards

Dan Edwards

Partner & Vertical Manager

"Bringing a well-rounded background and precise vertical knowledge to the TARGIT blog."

Eric Wenham Headshot

Eric Wenham

TARGIT Customer Advocate

A passion for collaboration and customer satisfaction

“Building relationships with international business partners is what I’m all about.”
Headshot - Kaare Thyregood - Numeric

Kaare Thyregod

Managing Partner, Numeric
Leadership and business development has been the name of my game for 20 years. The last 10 of which I’ve had a lot of fun focusing more sharply on helping companies become a data-driven organization.
Kasper Shik Thomsen

Kasper Shik Thomsen

Sales Manager
With broad-spectrum experience within business intelligence I feel more than comfortable in the role of being a trusted adviser to our customers and sales development partner to our loyal and accomplished sales channel.

Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan

Senior Solutions Consultant

"I help heavy equipment dealers improve their fleet management, sales, financials, and services efficiency."

Kim Hanmark

Director, Professional Services EMEA

"Put people before technology."


Kyle McNerney

Director of Partner & Industry Services, Americas
"Here to help our partners and verticals succeed."

Mads C. Brink Hansen

BI Project Manager
"From small to large, from self-service to centrally
implemented BI ..."
Profile Picture - MaiBritt Louise Klitgaard

Mai-Britt Louise Klitgaard

Senior Digital Experience Manager
My passion and specialty is helping to shape an analytics solution and strategy that works best for our end users.
Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan

Practice Director - noth america & the caribbean
"Make it rain."

Martin Sørensen

Sales Manager
Almost nine years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics within organizations worldwide.

Michael Brøcher

Senior Sales Manager
I have over 10 years of experience in the BI industry, helping companies get the most value from their data.
My goal is to make our product functionality and technology the best in the BI space.

Michael Muhlfelder

Vice President of Sales, Americas
I strive to cultivate an environment of trust and mutual respect with honesty, direct and transparent communications with reps, peers, and leadership.

Morten Attermann Holst

Head of Self-Service Analytics & Mobility

I have the pleasure of driving the TARGIT mobile department to a state where we are at the front of our game.

Niels Thomsen

Solution Architect

I’m eager to study the trends of the BI market and compare them to the actual implementations that take place worldwide.

Patrick Hoover Profile Picture Size 120

Patrick Hoover

Global Alliance Manager

"Applying my knowledge of the heavy equipment industry in my role as Global Alliance Manager, where I'm responsible for developing and growing Business Intelligence/Analytics partnerships while assisting companies in adopting a data-driven decision-making model."

Peter Munk

Director, Professional Services EMEA
My responsibility at TARGIT is to ensure that my team delivers industry-leading professional services for all our EMEA customers. 

Tommy Jensen,TARGIT  Product Manager - Blog Profile Picture

Tommy Jensen

Product Manager, TARGIT Suite and Vertical Solutions

I’ve been on the product side of TARGIT for decades. I know this product like the back of my hand.

Tom Totten

presales engineer

From trade shows to webinars and demos to POCs, I have my hands in a bit of everything related to TARGIT pre-sales.

Bridget Brown

Bridget Brown

Content Marketing Manager

A professional writer, communicator, and marketer by trade, I'm fascinated by the way data - and in particular big data - is changing the way companies do business.


Casper Gerner Mikkelsen

Practice Manager - Public
My job is to communicate the collective successes made by TARGIT customers and partners to ensure and facilitate even more success.

Dave Carleton

Account Executive at InterDyn BMI

I've spent the past three decades providing business solutions to the Manufacturing and Distributions industries. My specialties include program development, marketing, and sales with an education in accounting.


David Hollinsworth

Senior BI Consultant

During my journey as Business Intelligence consultant, I have experienced my fair share of BI tools. Nevertheless, it was not until my first meeting with TARGIT that I truly found my calling.

David Parmenter

David Parmenter

Leading expert in the development of winning KPIs

Dubbed the “King of KPIs,” David Parmenter is known for his thought-provoking and lively sessions that have led to substantial changes within organizations around the world.


Dennis de Gier

Head of BI Acceleration

My BI journey started in 2000 as a consultant and instructor, implementing SQL Server based solutions and training our customers and partners in using our product. The often challenging mix of business related and technical work quickly made me feel that I had found my professional place in the world working in BI. 


Evaggelia Tsakanika

Marketing & Business Development Manager
Evaggelia is a Marketing Executive at TARGIT Business Intelligence & Analytics, where she has served since 2011. Her focus is TARGIT’s branding, lead generation and the management of market’s education on BI & Analytics with company’s sales-oriented activities. 
Gitte Sandlykke

Gitte Sandlykke


As TARGIT CMO, I work at the exciting crossroad of business intelligence and global marketing innovation. I have the honor of working with a diverse and extremely dedicated team of marketers within the areas of Market Intelligence, Branding, Content, Web, PR, Campaigns, and Social Media.


Jakob Bak

Usability & Apps Manager
I'm fascinated by human-computer interaction and especially the cognitive aspect of developing user-friendly software.

Joe Corigliano

Vice President, Global Alliances at Enavate

My forte is global channel strategy, which includes including Channel Programs, Operations, and Partner Recruitment. 

Linda Lawton

Linda Lawton

BI Developer

I started programming when I was 13 years old, and quickly fell in love with working with data and databases. 

luis fleitas

Luis Fleitas

Lead Generation Manager at Carbonite

An Industrial Engineer with a passion for Marketing. 


Maj Nedergaard

Marketing Manager, EMEA
I enjoy celebrating our customers' success stories.

Mikkel Oldenburg

Senior Sales Manager & & Airport Forecasting Expert

Almost thirteen years of working with TARGIT partners and customers has given me a clear vision of the benefits of business intelligence and analytics within organizations and specific airports worldwide: Improve the entire experience for passengers and airlines from curb to gate by putting real-time access to critical KPIs into the hands of your airport management.

Morten Middelfart

Dr. Morten Middelfart

Founder and Chairman of Social Quant

I've been working professionally in the software industry since I was 14 years old, and my passion for computers has never stopped growing. Today, I'm deeply involved in educational activities that advocate my research within business intelligence and analytics.

I've been pioneering my way through the software industry since the dawn of the P.C. in the 1980s. I founded TARGIT in 1986, and since then, have led TARGIT through 30 years of constant development and transformation.

Ole Dyring

Head of TARGIT University
Certified TARGIT Specialist and Professional, at your service.

Peter Ørum

Product Manager

I have been with TARGIT since 2006. I'm an expert in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics, and my resume includes the project of implementing Business Intelligence at Tommy Hilfiger.

rasmus ankersen

Rasmus Ankersen

Bestselling author, speaker, and trusted advisor to businesses and athletes

Rasmus Ankersen is a bestselling author, a speaker on performance development and a trusted advisor to businesses and athletes around the world. He wrote his first book The DNA of a Winner at the age of 22. 

Soren Block Olsen

Søren Block Olsen

Marketing Operations Manager

In today’s world, everything we do leaves a data trail, whether we like it or not. 


Steen Kjøng Paulsen

Lab Manager

I've learned from personal experience that data, when used correctly, can be your most trusted friend. However, just as reliable as data can be, it can be just as misleading if used incorrectly.

I joined the TARGIT team as Project Manager in 1999, and it's been an adventure ever since. I've been tackling the challenge of penetrating the North American market with with TARGIT Decision Suite.

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