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Become part of the TARGIT team

We are looking for a curious software tester with attention-to-detail to enhance the quality of our product portfolio.

We are working on a series of updated integrations for TARGIT Decision Suite such as the TARGIT Data Discovery add-on. Your primary area of responsibility will be to ensure the quality of this tool. Furthermore, you will be assisting the testing of TARGIT Decision Suite as well as our mobile platform and will be asked to provide technical documentation.

It is necessary that you are curious about learning about the TARGIT Decision Suite and its add-on modules, experimenting with them, and testing their abilities. Through exploratory testing you will gain valuable insight for the development of test cases and for providing input for the developers’ unit tests. It is therefore expected that you have experience with SQL Server and that you are able to create an overview of the functionality of TARGIT Data Discovery.
TARGIT Decision Suite and related integrations provide our customers with the insight and information they need to make crucial business decisions. Therefore the quality of your work is paramount.

In addition to the above mentioned qualifications we expect you to have:
• Educational/occupational experience with software development
• Basic experience with databases (primarily SQL Server)
• The ability to communicate fluently in English on a daily basis

It is an advantage if you have experience with one or more of the following technologies and/or subjects:

• Quality assurance of software
• Preparation of test cases
• Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Analysis Services

The position is located at our headquarters in Hjørring where our development team is based.
Here you will be able to exchange ideas with our talented and highly experienced colleagues who are passionate about creating the best BI and analytics product on the market. Furthermore, you will become part of an international corporation working across cultural and geographical borders.

Starting date: ASAP

To learn more about the position feel free to contact Jakob Bak: 96 23 19 80, jb@targit.com

Cover letter and resume must be sent to: hr@targit.com


Thirty years ago in Denmark, TARGIT set out on a mission to help companies perform better by empowering employees with data they needed to make better decisions. To do this, TARGIT designed a way to deliver insight from data from multiple sources, and provide access to information for all employees throughout any organization. This was one of the industry’s first business intelligence platforms.

The seeds for TARGIT Decision Suite were planted.  And a cultural revolution of data for everyone emerged. 

TARGIT blossomed globally thanks to TARGIT Decision Suite’s seamless integration with Microsoft technologies. The company has since expanded their footprint with inventive new business intelligence and analytics capabilities for all technological platforms and solution designs. Today, TARGIT is one of the world’s premier business intelligence and analytics software companies. 
Still headquartered in Denmark, the company now has offices throughout the world, including U.S. locations in Boston, Tampa, and Houston. There are distribution offices in more than 12 countries worldwide and a thriving global community of partners and resellers.

More than 400,000 people in more than 60 countries get their daily insights from TARGIT Decision Suite.

A dynamic work environment

TARGIT has held on to its rich Scandinavian roots while striving to be a dynamic environment for all employees, with the goal of always staying ahead of the ever-changing demands of businesses. The company offers a flexible work environment that fosters creativity, community, and ingenuity.

TARGIT prides itself on attracting and keeping highly sought-after talent. TARGIT team members take advantage of collaborative office spaces, where every team member is encouraged to foster their professional and creative voices. Continuing professional education is encouraged, and a flexible work-life balance lets employees pursue out-of-office passions.

This cadre of highly motivated employees keeps TARGIT humming with fresh new ideas, exciting opportunities, and an increasingly diversified view of how business should be. It’s these idealists who make TARGIT, TARGIT.

"This is an entrepreneurial work environment. TARGIT is collaborative and creative and constantly evolving. It's an inspiring place to come in everyday in the heart of Cambridge's most innovative neighborhood." - Bridget Hanahan, TARGIT Content Marketing Manager, Boston

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