TARGIT BI Suite 2K10 is released

April 23, 2010
The new version of TARGIT BI Suite has been released. The most significant new features in the 2K10 version are the TARGIT iTop on the new edition of the TARGIT Desktop, the new criteria bar and the visualization of Sentinel rules.

”As always, I am proud to present a new version of TARGIT BI Suite”, says TARGIT’s CTO, Dr. Morten Middelfart. ”The 2K10-version strengthens our position in the market as the vendor that enables organizations to make better decisions in fewest clicks. The new version puts more business intelligence power into the hands of the users - also the mobile kind of users”.

New and improved features

TARGIT introduces a new business intelligence-application for iPad and iPhone, which TARGIT has named "iTop". The new iTop, an add-on for the Desktop client, warns you if something is wrong in your organization. TARGIT's iTop enables you to monitor and analyze important business data on a mobile unit. And you can turn the analysis into action instantly, since it is possible to communicate and share the information with your colleagues.

In TARGIT BI Suite 2K10, the drop-down menus in the criteria bar have been improved. When you open a criteria drop-down, a new window appears with much richer content than before. It is a light-weight version of the criteria editor where criteria based on the equal operator are specified swiftly and with few clicks.

The useful Sentinel-technology has been made much more visual and intuitive. Sentinels are predictions, based on end-user data mining, which will give you early warnings when important external incidents are expected to influence your business. All you need to know to benefit from Sentinels are your own key performance indicators (KPIs). Sentinels warn you about possible changes in advance, but in the end you make the choice as to how you react to the warning.

BI Trend Monitor 2020

BI Trend Monitor 2020

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