TARGIT sponsors rising ironman star

September 14, 2010
21-year-old Gregers Rye Christensen from Denmark will now get support to climb the ironman ladder. TARGIT will sponsor the talented young man who had his ironman debut at this year’s Challenge Copenhagen in 9 hours and 10 minutes.

”It’s an amazing debut”, says Gregers’ personal trainer, Thomas Mortensen, who is also running coach for TARGIT’s employees. ”It means that Gregers has the potential to reach the top of the world elite”.

Gregers is very satisfied with the sponsorship which makes it possible for him to maintain his ambitions even though he starts up his studies in physical education at the university. And his ambitions are great: ”I expect to win Ironman in Nice in my age group next summer, thus qualifying myself for the world championship in Hawaii in October 2011”, Gregers says and continues: ”It’s a great pat on the back to have TARGIT as a sponsor. It’s nice to know that someone has faith in me”. 

The sponsorship means that Gregers will have personal trainers and all necessary gear at his disposal, and TARGIT will also pay admission fees for the various competitions.

”Gregers’ philosophy is like TARGIT’s”, says TARGIT CEO, Morten Sandlykke. ”You can conquer the world even if you come from a small country like Denmark”.

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