TARGIT CTO achieved second Ph.D.

December 07, 2010
TARGIT’s CTO, Morten Middelfart, has just achieved his second Ph.D. – this time from Aalborg University. Middelfart already has a Ph.D. from the American Rushmore University.

Middelfart’s second Ph.D. presents a series of algorithms, which efficiently function as a new mechanism within data mining – a search for patterns and structures in large sums of data. In his Ph.D., Middelfart names the new mechanism ‘Sentinels’.

Sentinels are used in business intelligence software as a method to identify possible changes in company KPIs. The idea is that an analysis of historic data is now able to bring you warnings of potential future changes which will make you able to react faster than ever before on both opportunities and threats.

Normally, it is very hard to say if new algorithms will have any impact in the real world, but in this case the work has already been published and integrated into TARGITs own software, TARGIT BI Suite. Even though the term ‘Sentinels’ is still new, we have received positive feedback from both users and business analytics.

TARGIT’s CEO, Morten Sandlykke, is proud of Middelfart: ”Through his research, Morten Middelfart has found new methods for companies to react faster and more efficiently. There is no doubt that this will be one of the most important parameters to be able to stay competitive in the future. With Sentinels, TARGIT cements its position as a world leader within business intelligence for everyone”.

Anne Laurent from the French University of Montpellier, and a member of the Ph.D. committee, agrees: ”There is no doubt that Sentinels can be used by companies and organizations since business intelligence is becoming more and more important”.

TARGIT hosts a reception in celebration of Morten Middelfart’s second Ph.D. in Hjørring, December 17, 2010 from 12 p.m.

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