Mobile BI helps Biva to increase sales focus

January 19, 2011
The Danish furniture vendor Biva is the first company to actively employ mobile business intelligence from TARGIT. They use TARGIT iTop, TARGIT’s application for iPhone and iPad.

”It has been a pleasure using TARGIT iTop the last few months”, tells Klaus Vestergaard, CTO of Biva. “It’s a gimmick which have created a ‘wow-effect’, especially among our sales reps. With TARGIT iTop, I can monitor the turnover per hour which and this gives me the opportunity to make fact-based decisions on the fly – no matter where I am”.

TARGIT iTop will assist Biva in the process of making the organization’s figures even more visible in order to make everyone able use them as guiding stars in their daily work.  “With mobile BI, I hope to be able to create a change of culture in the organization which will assist in creating increased sales focus and focus on KPIs in the company in general”, the CTO explains.

He plans to acquire additional details on his cell phone from TARGIT iTop. “It is my intention to monitor our various product groups and stores. This will turn my iTop into a helpful tool in my everyday processes”, Klaus Vestergaard concludes.

The Sales Managers in Biva are expected to be the next to get TARGIT iTop. Further implementation of the application in the organization is under consideration.

About Biva:
Biva was founded in 1982, which gives them almost 30 years of experience of delivering furniture for the Danish living rooms. Today, Biva is among the largest Danish vendors of furniture with stores in all large cities in Denmark.

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