TARGIT launches 2K11

March 31, 2011
The new version of TARGIT BI Suite is in the market. In addition to improvements in traditional Business Intelligence, TARGIT BI Suite 2K11 offers Analytics with the new add-on TARGIT Cloud.

“Cloud technology gives you much more flexibility for uploading, analyzing and sharing your data”, says TARGIT’s CTO, Dr. Morten Middelfart. “And you don’t need additional memory for higher performance since everything is handled in the cloud”.

New and improved features
TARGIT’s main focus is still the traditional Business Intelligence Suite, which has been improved significantly with the 2K11 version. In 2K11, users now get Sentinels in TARGIT NET. The patented Sentinels can be described as digital watch dogs that give you warnings in advance. The Sentinel technology is based on advanced algorithms that recognize patterns while monitoring your KPIs. They enable you to discover and react to changes faster than ever before.

The Intelligent agents in TARGIT BI Suite are now available in TARGIT NET as well.

The Suite also introduces an animated navigator on the startpage. This navigator will display your favorite documents in an attractive way represented by thumbnails and with effects like reflections and smooth animation.

TARGIT BI Suite 2K11 offers the new possibility to make advanced mathematical calculations with polynomic regression. This way of extrapolating makes it possible to run even more advanced calculations enabling you to see what might happen in the future. The scatter chart in TARGIT BI Suite supports this polynomic regression.

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