TARGIT and CEO Morten Sandlykke celebrates 25 years

May 31, 2011
TARGIT celebrates its 25th anniversary as a developer of business software while TARGITs founder and CEO Morten Sandlykke celebrates his 25 years as an entrepreneur.

“Through the years, we have developed our business strategy concurrently with the development in the IT industry. The industry has developed from being regionally oriented to having a global focus. It has been an interesting journey and no two years have been the same,” says Morten Sandlykke. “Even though we have been in the business for 25 years, we are still a company with a young and innovative culture that has both customers and competitors all over the world. With constant changes 24 hours a day, it never gets dull”.

TARGIT was founded in 1986 with CEO Morten Sandlykke as one of the founding partners. TARGIT started out as a company that primarily offered IT solutions to a number of areas within the Scandinavian retail industry and later added general tools for management information and analysis to the product portfolio. Within the last 10 years, TARGIT has focused entirely on selling software that improves business’ ability to make faster and better decisions.

Now, TARGIT also takes a chance with a new subsidiary. Morten Sandlykke explains that TARGIT has developed the internet portal illo.com which is a new initiative from the company. TARGIT plans to have the new portal spread key elements of TARGIT’s technology even wider and everyone with internet access can join the portal. “We expect to reach the whole world with this concept. It will be exciting to see what happens when it is released later this summer”, finishes the hopeful jubilarian.

With its 300,000 users and annual revenue of DKK 100 million, TARGIT has achieved an international leading position as one of the most innovative companies in its field.

In addition to the Danish headquarter and the subsidiary in the U.S, TARGIT also has distribution offices in Australasia, Benelux, Brazil, D.A.CH., Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, Northern Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK.

TARGIT celebrates the anniversary with an open reception at the headquarters in Hjørring, Denmark on Thursday, June 9th.

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