SAP users get TARGIT Business Intelligence

June 23, 2011
Now it is easier to extract data from a complex SAP solution for analysis in a so-called self-service Business Intelligence (BI) product from Danish BI developer TARGIT. Thanks to a tool developed in Germany by Theobald Software Gmbh, SAP users now have fast access to TARGIT's Business Intelligence solution, which consumes few resources and has a low cost level.

“This gives SAP users a unique opportunity to understand their business data and get a faster and improved overview”, says TARGIT VP of Sales, Mr. Flemming Madsen. “The tool, Xtract TARGIT, is for the many SAP customers, who would like to do more with their solution and do it faster – while doing it at an attractive price level”.

Specifically, the new tool gives large enterprises access to extract data from their SAP database and insert them in TARGIT’s Business Intelligence solution. “And here they will get their data presented in clear, graphical objects, which they can analyze without losing the big picture”, explains Flemming Madsen. 

TARGIT has experienced a growing demand for the opportunity for dynamic analyses and reports from companies using SAP. “This is usually not possible without conducting month-long projects with high costs as a consequence”, ends the VP of Sales.

Schneider Electric and Kuwait Petroleum (Q8) are among the large enterprises that benefit from being able to use TARGIT on top of SAP.

The new TARGIT tool is developed by Theobald Software Gmbh, which specializes in products for SAP integration. The company has already completed more than 1000 installations. 

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