TARGIT most widespread BI tool – also mobile BI

October 07, 2011
TARGIT is the BI product that is proportionally being used by most employees in companies that have implemented Business Intelligence. This is evident in the newly published BI Survey 10, which is conducted by well-reputed research agency, BARC. Additionally, the study shows that TARGIT is one of the BI products that are being used in most departments in an organization.

CTO of TARGIT, Dr. Morten Middelfart, is happy with the result of the survey. “This has been our goal for many years. Our entire product philosophy is based on the idea that knowledge should reach out as far as possible in an organization with the fewest possible clicks, and this gives companies the motivation to use and spread out the product internally,” he explains. “Almost half of the TARGIT customers in the study are even using our mobile BI solution at the moment or are planning to start using it within the next year. This means that TARGIT takes the lead on the mobile BI market with our TARGIT iTop for iPhone and iPad.” According to BI Survey 10, TARGIT’s mobile BI app is the most widespread of its kind among BI users whose BI vendor offers such an app.

Flemming Madsen, VP of Sales at TARGIT, also notices the economic aspects of BI Survey 10. “In a time of crisis, it is worth noting that TARGIT continues to exceed cost-extensive competitors, such as SAP, SAS, Microstrategy, and Qliktech when it comes to the total amount of investment costs,” he says and continues, “This is partly due to the short implementation period, and it is also included in the survey that there is a high degree of customer satisfaction connected with the support that TARGIT provides.”  

BI Survey 10 establishes that TARGIT is the preferred tool for Business Intelligence buyers when compared to the company’s closest and biggest competitors. In 80 percent of the cases where TARGIT BI Suite is presented, the potential customers choose to buy TARGIT rather than a BI tool from a competing vendor.

Barney Finucane, leading analyst at BARC, believes that TARGIT is popular with both existing users and potential buyers of the BI solution. “The primary reasons why people buy TARGIT are user-friendliness and functionality. This may explain TARGIT’s high win rate as well as why TARGIT is so widely used in organizations who have already invested in TARGIT,” Barney Finucane concludes.

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