Microsoft Online version of Dynamics CRM for TARGIT

November 16, 2011
Now, TARGIT’s integration tool BI Accelerator for Dynamics CRM supports Dynamics CRM Online.

Seamless integration
TARGIT BI Accelerator implements SQL Server Integration Services access to CRM Online seamlessly through a set of unique TARGIT custom components for SSIS. These components are installed as part of the acceleration process and include a serviced component (COM+) and a custom SSIS Connection Manager and Data Reader. No additional software is needed.

TARGIT BI Accelerator is TARGIT's data source integration tool for TARGIT Business Intelligence. TARGIT BI Accelerator offers a simple way of setting up a fully operative TARGIT BI solution on top of your Dynamics CRM system in a very short amount of time.

Download and Support
Here, you can download TARGIT BI Accelerator for Dynamics CRM. For the best possible support, please use the built-in "Get Assistance" functionality.  

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